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Discussion in 'Mods' started by SailorDrew, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. SailorDrew

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    Hi! So, I've been learning how to use tIDE. The new maps are great, but there's just a few tweaks that I'm trying to accomplish to make them perfect, haha. :)

    I have a few questions:

    1) How do you get rid of invisible walls?

    2) Is there a way to copy animation properties from one tile to the next, or do you have to go in and individually add the animations to each title?

    3) Have you seen any great resources on how to learn short cuts/ advanced tricks with tIDE?
    • Entoarox

      Entoarox Oxygen Tank

      1) Invisible walls usually means there is a invisible tile on the Buildings layer at that position.

      2) You can use CTRL+C and CTRL+V in tIDE, that should copy tiles in their complete state, with the animations.

      3) Don't bother looking, the devil himself isn't willing to buy our collective souls for even a hint at those, so that should just go to say how damn impossible the program is >_<
      • I'm trying to download tIDE and Chrome says that it is malicious and will not let me. TT.TT
        • Androxilogin

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          1) Some of these invisible walls are actually tilesheet properties. If an idx number shows up in the taskbar while hovering over whichever tile in question, hit 'P' to find it in the sheet and 'E' then click to erase it quickly. If that doesn't do the trick you can always mark that tile as 'passable' in the tilesheet properties. Jot down the number and which sheet it is from then right-click the sheet on the left, go to properties, custom properties and type '@TileIndex@Number@Passable' and 'T' for "true" on the other side of the pane.


          2) @Entoarox already covered this

          3) 'P' - shows where in the tilesheet it is located. 'S' - will make sure you're selecting nothing. 'E' - Erase tool. 'B' - Brush tool. (you can press 'P' to pick the tile then 'B' to place the same tile although animation properties will rely on the Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V method previously mentioned. Left-click and drag say, the bottom three tiles to place the same tiles in the viewfinder although don't left-click and drag up or you'll most likely crash the program. Ctrl+G - brings up the grid. Also, the optional file, "Command Lists" (from the Modder's Resource) contains a "Map Actions" text document to help you along with certain things. I recommend opening it with Notepad++ so that everything is aligned properly rather than the default Notepad which mashes everything together.

          [EDIT] - I wrote 'A' instead of 'S' by accident. Some help I am. Fixed.
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          • TenkoKuugen

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            I don't understand why people say Tide is evil. I'm using it without much trouble.
            I started using it like.. a week ago, sporadically, to make some tiny map edits and then just jumped into making my hoarder cave.
            Once you understand how layers interact, how tilesheet properties work and so forth, it's not really difficult just tedious as heck if you have a big tilesheet like outdoors and make something complicated like a town or a person's room. Walls, especially hills / caves / cliffs are also somewhat tedious because of the way the wall tiles interact to make an actual decent looking wall. For example, in a square room, you need to overlay front layer over the building layer to create an actual curved wall. Unless you grab a custom tilesheet that has some mirrored wall fragments specifically for that purpose. I wonder why CA didn't make those for the mines.
            One thing I recommend is not fretting over the base layer too much. Put your building and front layer on it, and fix the spots that need fixing after that. Don't despair when a building layer doesn't look right, you can put front layer segments over it and they interact visually to fix things up in most cases. Your character exists on the Front layer so take that into account when you make your map. Front layer tiles will block your character if they have a higher position (i.e. your character is 'behind' the tile) but not if your character has a higher position (i.e. in front of the tile). Position refers to the map grid here, which are X and Y coordinates, like character at 10 10 and tile at 11 10.
            Path layer is generally invisible ingame, since it handles things like tree, forage, twig, rock and grass spawning as well as light sources and some other things. (You see the light, just not the path tile that creates the light)

            Generally, setting the tilesheet property passable@ID F feels redundant. Unless it has the passable@ID T property, any building layer object will act like a wall.
            • Flumme

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              I try to put pictures on the wall (from new rooms). But it always say: "You have to place this on a wall!"

              This only happen at the spouse rooms, at the new bathroom or the (new addet) children room (this mod: ). Cause of this I think it have something to do with the tIDE Editor.

              Any ideas what could "repair" this?

              THANKS :)
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              • TheTearer

                TheTearer Phantasmal Quasar

                That's what I thought, at first. Then I tried to remove that sticking-out bit of forest/trees in the Forage map. I removed/changed all the tiles in all the layers, but the old version still shows up! Any clues?
                • Ciustek

                  Ciustek Space Hobo

                  Hi I'm trying to edit the farm map but when I try I keep getting this error : [​IMG]
                  Even after I have put the paths.xnb in the folder paths and I have try unpacking it but still get the same error.

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