RELEASED New friendship circles & marriage icon + Other mods

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  1. swpau

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    I recolor the friendship circles and make them become a bit brighter than the original version.Besides, i drew a Red Heart replace the original purple star(marrige) too.

    Color rating goes from Blue > Green > Yellow > Pink > Red > Red Heart

    The original version

    original friendship.png old marriage icon.png

    The new version

    new friendship.png new marriage icon.png

    The Screenshots:

    20180120020322_1.jpg 20180120024310_1.jpg 20180120024201_1.jpg 20180120024609_1.jpg 20180120024447_1.jpg

    The xnb. file of the new version of friendship circles.(bottom of the thread)
    Remember put the file into steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Content/LooseSprites

    Another thread: (Recolor the Coops & Bath house and edit paintings)

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    • swpau

      swpau Ketchup Robot

      I am going to draw a Red Heart replace the original purple star(marrige) too. I will do it after work today
      • swpau

        swpau Ketchup Robot

        the new xnb file including new color tone of friendship circles and new marriage icon(heart).
        • swpau

          swpau Ketchup Robot

          i feel happy there are some players like my work
          • xinyiwu9447

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            This made way better sense, otherwise, I feel like I am talking to an iridium Elliot or something....
            • swpau

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              Say hi to everyone

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