New 'Infinity' Mode

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Jefsweatsgames, May 24, 2018.

  1. Jefsweatsgames

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    Pretty much a new gamemode on the title screen. (It would be Single player, Multiplayer, Infinity mode)

    What is Infinity mode?
    Infinity mode is a gamemode where Starbound is made into a MMO type of game, where you could randomly bump into real players, and your crops grow even when you exit the gamemode. Pretty much like No Man's Sky but with the Multiplayer part. You could meet player ships in a star system, and other players could invite you on board.

    Pretty much Multiplayer but with Official Hosting.

    Possible drawbacks
    • The cost for running servers
    • Limited amount of players (Maybe 100)
    • Limited universe (Up to 400 star systems
    • Lagging and rubberbanding
  2. MysticLuke

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    I understand the idea but I think it would be just too hard to realize.. Imagine a universe thats totally raided and scavenged and to find yourself on a planet with literally no resources left.. To prevent scenarios like this the server would be needed to reset in a certain amount of time and then you would have the problem of having literally no impact on the universe, no ability to build something outside your ship that lasts long, also other players could destroy/change your building or just rob all of your stuff. Also a server like this wouldn't just cost a whole lotta money but require regular maintenance which would require further funds and even more personal so I personally think this is a great idea but one that will probably never come true due to the fact that starbound is a game you can play for free with all it's features forever once you bought it (I really like that). Which as a matter of cause won't keep a gigantic server like the one you might have imagined running.:nurusad:

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