New Mech Power Sources

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    First of all, I would like to say that mechs added were a amazing addition to the game, They can mine faster, fight better and move quicker than a regular character can. But all things have to have a downside too. Many mechs only have a small amount of fuel storage in their main bodies, so here is a way to fix that. Instead of having a set fuel source by the mech's body, I think that the players should be able to pick from a variety of fuel canisters and holders until one would fin one in their price range and requirement, such as 1 wire, 5 chips and 2 circuit boards make a basic fuel canister: fuel: 60/60 and whatnot. this would e placed in the center of the mech but hidden from view. more powerful ones could hold 700/700 and so on.

    Also, I would like to see is charging stations, on space stations. so instead of having to collect batteries you just have to place it on a dock and it will charge after a certain number of minutes, depending on the fuel tank. it can be crafted with the Mech Part Crafting Table.

    Hopefully I used correct grammar and this understandable!
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