Mob new mob type, "pest" creatures.

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Okari, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Okari

    Okari Space Spelunker

    It was the new post for the day that made me think it could be interesting to introduce a new type of mob labeled a "pest" mob, they would literally be no more than 1X1 blocks in size and in general present themselves as more of a nuisance than anything else.

    spiders, they will crawl around rooms and make webs in corners, also eats other pests.
    rats, they will chew through wood blocks, get into crates and move the items (they could be made even more of a pest if they destroyed that item too)
    moles, burrow into the ground in 1 height tunnels, however they don't go any deeper then X blocks and can't go through stone or harder.

    please discuss.
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  3. Passarbye

    Passarbye Phantasmal Quasar

    sounds really cool, this could also add more depth but i think it's more suited for post-release.
  4. The Thing

    The Thing Existential Complex

    Sounds interesting. And of course there would be way to make sure they dont spawna around your stuff given the ressources.
    Maybe also add overly affectuous critters that come in hordes and try to climb on you and cuddle you so much that you get slowed down and maybe even locked into place. That could be fun.
  5. Okari

    Okari Space Spelunker

    that would be awesome! given that there's a lot of different planet types i could totally see that on some of them!

    also.. tribbles!
  6. Clockwork

    Clockwork Master Astronaut

    I don't really see what it adds or why there needs to be a specific class of mobs that are pests. There are probably some swarming behaviors planned, and there are definitely going to be small monsters.
  7. SquarelyCircle

    SquarelyCircle Cosmic Narwhal

    I like the idea of pests, but I also agree with Clockwork that there's no need for a separate class called "pests". Spiders making spider webs sounds.... amazing. That would really add a lot of atmosphere to some locations. It would also provide a minor amount of maintenance to some buildings - clean up the cobweb, find the spider and destroy it... and be careful not to let any more in. :p
  8. Riokan

    Riokan Big Damn Hero

    you mean these?
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  9. Pseudoboss

    Pseudoboss Spaceman Spiff

    I'd like to see pests in the game. Perhaps you can have miniature laser-guided missiles to shoot at them, give something for your pet to do while you're away (not like, pokemon battles, but your pet will kill certain pests of its own accord. Maybe you could even train it to kill only certain pests but not others. . . Say I like spiders but rats and mice can go.)
    Other pests or mobs could even stalk, hunt and kill certain pests, just to make the game seem more dynamic.
  10. Sarzael

    Sarzael Oxygen Tank

    L-L-LAGGY! Unless they are 200 or so every planet they wont really be something you will notice, and if they are so many, it will consume resources. Not worth it on my opinion.
  11. Pseudoboss

    Pseudoboss Spaceman Spiff

    I doubt that they'd be much more common than normal mobs, and i'd notice a giant spider hanging out in a corner of my basement, or a rat that runs behind a chest as I walk down, even if they are only a block tall.
    Plus, since they don't have to have attacks, or even HP, they don't have to consume as many resources. Also, since they're smaller and probably won't do anything, then they don't have to be rendered from as far a distance away. (as long as my spider farm stays intact.)

    And, 200 anythings on a single planet probably won't cause that many problems. In Starcraft, it's pretty common to have over 200 units between the two of you, to say nothing of team games, and that game has much better graphics and more resources required for pathing, structures and unit AI.
  12. Xots

    Xots Industrial Terraformer

    We will need bug spray than, I hate small enemies in games. Just a spray that 1 shots them and is cheap to make, so that you can send them off without much hassle, unless you decide to be stupid. Or an ability to tame them and fight with a giant army of spiders. Just make it so that it's not like "Here's a thing, deal with it."
  13. Pseudoboss

    Pseudoboss Spaceman Spiff

    You might be able to even make bug lights or something (they look like normal lights, but they repel pests in the region illuminated.)
    Also, you could always just shut your door, they probably spawn in a manner similar to agressive mobs.
    You want bug spray? You've got a goddamn rocket launcher!
  14. Xots

    Xots Industrial Terraformer

    Hmm... well, how do bugs get in your house IRL? The same would happen in starbound too. And by that I mean magically teleport inside.
    Also, I want to keep said house, not blow it up. Unless there are like 300 in the place, then the whole planet is being detonated.
  15. Pseudoboss

    Pseudoboss Spaceman Spiff

    Bugs tend to get in my house the same way most everything gets into my house, The door.
    Also, these bugs are pretty big, they're 1 block, which would be about, what. . . a foot and a half tall?
    Okay, if you want to keep said house, I suppose that you'll just have to use a shotgun instead. Loser.
  16. DeadlyLuvdisc

    DeadlyLuvdisc Oxygen Tank

    You do realize that mobs of any type will only spawn when players are nearby, right?

    I don't really care much about mobs that pose no threat at all, though. Maybe if they came in swarms, or if there was an insect queen that would spawn more of them to attack, etc... I've suggested similar things before, but I just don't think of mobs as having much point beyond combat.

    On the other hand, the game has chickens. If livestock is in, then why not have spiders for silk?
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  17. Pseudoboss

    Pseudoboss Spaceman Spiff

    I think that having "decorative" mobs that don't do anything but be cool, would e a nice touch.
    If the game is as modable as they say it is, then it'll probably take little more time and effort to add the most basic conceivable mob than it would take to add a smeltable stone.
  18. jintoya

    jintoya Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i think this would be cool if lets say you got a cat and so you no longer need to fuss with the idea of mice, planter boxes to deal with moles, i don't know about the destroying of items though, maybe they could take items that are simple drop items of little value and make rat nests within thick walls or under the floor and stash items, maybe snatching up babies in the dead of night...joking but it could lead to interesting quests regarding stolen items, some pests might have requirements for living in your home, and are not bad to have around. spider silk could be harvested etc, and why not make a rathole as a background block placed by a rat, this is a spawn point for rats and solves the problem of mobs only spawning when your there, spider webs spawn additional spiders and those in turn make new nests in dark corners.
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  19. Okari

    Okari Space Spelunker

    I like what people are suggesting before, i really like suggested background block that indicates a spawn (mouse-hole). seems like a great way to tell the player, "guess what?! your house is infested!" i could also see that with ant mounds or such too. definitely need ways to keep them from spawning or handle a bad outbreak ( roach bombs anyone? ) from a lag standpoint I don't see an issue either, since they would only be really spawned when the player is around, though i like the idea of being able to 'adopt' some of the pests like spiders so they stick around permanently.
  20. Krimharnylenthotik

    Krimharnylenthotik Tentacle Wrangler

    I like this idea, smaller environmental critters would help liven up planets in the same way NPCs do. I came up with a similar idea for a specific creature that I think (thanks to jintoya) would fit in well here. Having just a few creatures that can be a nuisance, but aren't horribly life threatening, like space fleas. Detailed description is here, but I would like positive votes to go to pests if you want the idea attached, my thread is dead to me. :p

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