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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by ThatRobotMac, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Alright So I have been playing starbound for a couple of years now, and I have a few ideas so let me know what you think
    1. A New Quest NPC that is a novakid(Named Clint Westwood) protector that is the artifact, notice I said *is the artifact* I think his face emblem should be the artifact for comedy (he would have to stick his face into the artifact hole, and would have to stay there so the gate doesn't close).
    2. Novakid Towns should be moved to suns and you need a ultra EPP to survive the core(crafting recipes should be 2 of the needed EPP Radioactive,Hot,Cold,Airless for their perspective suns, with 20 Ferozium, 20 Aegisalt, 20 Violium, 20 Solarium, 20 Copper wire, and 20 Batteries)
    3. When you talk to Clint He should either have a gun shop where you can make fully customizable guns but the damage is random, a card mini game (like maze bound 64), or a target range to practice your damage/defense/energy output
    4. To Get Clint you need to beat him in a shoot-off, or just buy him a drink from a saloon
    5. Clint Breaks the forth wall and everyone just passes it off as some crazy novakid thing
    6. We can actually customize the color and personality our ship pet at the character creation screen, if we want a Green curious Crasberry , a Blue playful Snugget , or Brown lazy rabbit pet.
    7. Give Glitch the Orbis pet, the Glitch Spider, or the Tripold...
    8. Ship Pets can fight and heal when fed or when they sleep, and if they die in combat they re-spawn at the ship
    9. Humans should be able to choose if they want a Dog or cat.
    10. Make a Apex or Avian armor customizer where you can change the color of armor(the parts that are unaffected by dye)

    Thank you for reading this, and If you agree with these please up vote so the the devs can see it!!!:nuruhappy:
  2. Relten

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    As for the suggestions, I feel that unfortunately, a few of them are probably not going to happen (not to be rude or anything). Take that 4th wall breaking artifact character for instance. First off, according to the story (or chucklefish's excuses) the novakid do not have an artifact of their own. For the novakid story, it is going to take a completely different direction in exploring the origins of the Novakid. Second of all, I don't think folks are going to appreciate the need to grind resources for an astonishingly broken EPP. Sorry chap...
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  3. ThatRobotMac

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    its okay, its my first time here so i am still figuring out all the terms, and thank you for you're feed back.
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  4. Relten

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    We all gotta start somewhere chap!

    I hope I didn't come off sounding like a prick on that post...
  5. ThatRobotMac

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    oh no you didn't, seemed nice to me
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  6. samdrl

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    I already love Clint

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