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Discussion in 'Mods' started by sunnyscope, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. sunnyscope

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    I decided to add a custom farm layout to my game and have NO CLUE how to.

    I did what I usually do and dropped it into the MODS folder along with its required mods but the custom map did not appear and instead the default one has.
    I do not know if I added the files in wrong or have mods that counter the map file.
    I have attached a list of mods I have added too.

    Here is the links to both files I added:
    The Tilesheet;
    The Map:

    I also have SMAPI installed and dropped CONTENT PATCHER into my mods folder too.
    Thanks :)
    - Paula <3
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    • minervamaga

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      Oh boy, looks like none of those aside from SaveBackup, ConsoleCommands, and CustomChores are installed correctly. Please see the Getting Started guide here for how your Mods folder should appear when installing. Also make sure you are using the Forest farm layout, that map replaces that layout. If you are still having trouble after fixing the installation issues, please provide a SMAPI log for further assistance.
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      • sunnyscope

        sunnyscope Space Hobo

        Thank you very much, hadn't realised i was installing content packs wrong! Other mods using just SMAPI work fine with the trailing numbers so i had no clue i was doing it wrong all this time :) game looks lovely now!

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