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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jim Witness, Jul 21, 2019.

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    I can guess already what everyone is likely thinking: "Oh no, not another one!"

    Rest assured, it isn't some super unit that can completely unbalance the gave; it is merely a counter to many late-game ground units. Ballistae (plural of ballista), giants, and towns, to be specific.

    Enter the Battering Ram: An armoured, wheeled, semi-siege unit designed to eliminate other siege units, wagons, and giants. As it is designed to take down giants, my recommendation would be 50 average damage against one, whereas it receives 40 in return. It can do massive damage to a trebuchet, but it will get blasted in the time it takes to reach it. It also can't hit any non-construct. At all.
    Critical hits while it is on a road. Moves at four spaces on a good road. Price recommendation of 550 gold.

    Any criticisms of this brainless, idiotic fantasy of mine are welcomed. I do not expect the creators of Wargroove to put this in. Ever.

    Sorry for rambling. I really ought to keep my suggestions to myself.

    P. S.
    Is it generally wanted for American or British spelling to be used?

    If American spelling is considered proper in this forum, then I will use it instead next time I post.

    Append: The idea around this unit is based on the WW2 era Tank Destroyers; ultra effective against tanks and other such vehicles but little, if anything, else.

    Again, I apologize for such an idiotic idea.
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