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    So my friends and I have been playing for some time and have been getting restless for a few unit variations and changeups/adjustments.

    These units would be:

    Elite Armored Swordsmen (cost 300) - Bigger shields, heavy armor, movement range of current pikemen. They would be strong against pikemen, archers, regular swordsmen, ballista, and in general have better durability than swordsmen or pikeman. Second only to giants/juggernauts as far as ground units go (maybe equal to horsemen). They would have slightly more base damage than pikemen, and their crit condition would result only when they don't move before attacking.

    Armored Swordsmen would be just as vulnerable against cavalry as regular swordsmen though, as an intended weakness, and would still be able to be one shot by a catapult at max range.

    Next Change:

    Pikemen - Increase cost to 200. I think most people agree pikemen are overly powered for the price, and make horsemen almost completely obsolete while being incredibly spammable.

    Next Change:

    Rangers - Increase the cost to 550, give them 1 extra range, but reduce the power on that extra range by 30%. Allow them to pass through trees and mountains with less movement impediment, as they are light footed, and experienced skirmishers by nature.

    Next Change:

    Archers (Cost 250) - A weaker, but cheaper version of current rangers. Take them from the current ranger model, but reduce the damage output by 10-20% and reduce durability by about 10%.

    I think most people can agree that the current and only option for bow users, the rangers, are overpriced for the amount of limitations on them. Hence the suggestion to create two types of bow users: one that is more costly but more effective, and one that is weaker, but significantly less costly.

    Next change:

    Be able to control the cost of a unit before battle or at least for maps you create.

    Next change: Be able to create platforms for catapults, archers, and ballista that only fliers and other ranged units can attack for castle defense variations.

    For instance, I want to make a Gondor-like map where there are walls with catapults on it that only fliers and other ranged units can attack as opposed to having them behind walls and making fliers have to go around the walls. Currently I can't think of a method to do this.

    Next Change:

    Explosive catapults (900) -

    Introduce new catapults that toss burning oil casks that have low initial damage, but which cause a fire over a 9 square area for 3 turns which causes damage to any ground units that stay on them each turn (like 10 or 20% damage per turn). Each catapult would come equipped with two ammunition, but the player could purchase more (no limitation on the amount purchasable) at a cost of 125 each. Units in burning trees take double damage.

    Next Change:

    Boiling Oil (400) -

    These would be purchasable only on the aforementioned platforms and would have zero mobility. They would essentially be able to pour oil on ground attackers near walls with a range of 2 and width of 3. They would deal 25% damage to all caught in the dumping and would have a recharge time of one turn, so that they could only dump oil every other turn and they would be unassailable by melee ground units.

    Please let me know if any of you at Chucklefish read this and like any of these ideas! It would be awesome to at least hear your take on some of them.

    Thanks for reading,


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