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    In spirit of getting myself back on a creative binge, I decided to start an AMA for my fictional character. Feel free to post a question and I'll get back when I can.:nuruflirt:

    Name: Nezun Skyfire
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female

    Main protagonist, mate to Mira Ellenwen. Captured for reasons to be explained in the story and left adrift above a planet.

    Backstory Summary:
    Well versed in close-quarters combat since a young age, not much for gun-play. Killed her first meal while sustaining a leg injury, nearly died in the process. (Never skipped leg day since.) Became a highly skilled fighter, bloating her ego, causing several Avali to be killed during a skirmish. After the battle, she became more level-headed, but still rather spitey from time to time. She took to training younger Avali in her spare time. Dreams of one day exploring the stars for treasure and cuisine instead of senseless battle.

    AMA for Nezun:
    Q: What is your proudest moment?
    A: Well... I would have to say what made me the proudest was when I bested [Insert Avali Name Here] in a one-on-one dual for the first time. I lost 347 times before then. The bet was that if I ever could beat him, he'd buy me an all-you-can-eat meal. That was the most steak I've ever eaten. I was sick for a few days due to over eating, but it was worth every juicy bite.

    Q: What was your most embarrassing experience?
    A: Do I really have to answer that? ...Fiiiiine. Gunna need a bit of context here. During my pack's first ever hunt as a group. I was doing my usual thing, running through the steps in my head as I approached the hunt. Being a bit stubborn and young, I though I could get the first strike in and claim to be the main reason we were successful. When I made my move, the Poptop's mother sensed I was nearby and got the jump on me. She took a swipe and injured my leg pretty badly. So, a few weeks later, Taren and I were out for a walk, had to get my exercise in the make sure my muscles didn't go stiff. Taren, by-the-by was my childhood crush. So, anyways, long story short, we went to kiss, and my leg buckled, I wound up headbutting Taren and knocking him out. I was called K.O. Nezo for several moons. I swear, if any of you call me that I'm chewing your legs off.

    Q: Who is your personal idol and why?
    A: Ah geez... India Jones. Yes, I know he's a fictional character, but so am I, and that's besides the point. I want to be like him. Exploring old ruins, finding lost treasure, narrowly escaping danger. The romance... sighs and gets lost in day dreaming.

    Q: If your house was on fire, what's the first thing you'd save?
    A: Well, I'd say Mira, but she got two lets and a heart-beat... I think, do Floran have hearts? I'll have to ask her that sometime... but you get my point. But if I had to choose one thing to save, it would have to be my diary. No doubt about it. It has wonderful ideas that I could turn into a story or something.

    Q: What do you crave most in life?
    A: Adventure, Mira's company, and meat. All the meat in the galaxy. Well, not that much meat. That would be too much even for me. But lots of sweet, juicy... meat.

    Q: What is your worst fear?
    A: Well... that's a bit personal, no? Well... this is an AMA. If I were to venture a guess, I would say that being alone is my biggest fear. I mean, not physically alone. I do like a bit of solitude from time to time, but emotionally alone.

    Q: What's your biggest secret?
    A: Hooo boy, that's more juicy than a rare steak. So... I have to answer this right? Here's the thing. You know my mate, Mira? Well.. she's got this really tickleasdjf;aslidrfkdaf;lskdfjasdf

    Mira here... don't you dare tell anyone, I will make you hurt in places you didn't know you had Missy.
    N: Oi! This is my AMA. . . . . . . . don't give me that look. . . . . . . . Okay I'm sorry my sweet buttercup, it won't happen againnnNNNNAAAAAAH NOT THE EARS.

    Ow.. so... personally? I would probably say that I hear things. Like, I know I have really, really good hearing, but I mean stuff like spirits. I swear. No. I. Am. Not. Scared. Of. Ghosts. They are not real.

    Q: What would your biggest strength and weakness be?
    A: Well... not to toot my own horn here, but I think my skills as a hunter is pretty top-notch. I bet I can take on almost any thing the galaxy can throw at me, even giant walking pickles. Yes, those are a thing. Don't question it.

    As for my biggest weakness... well, if being honest, my hotheaded personalty gets me into situations I should normally be able avoid. Mira generally has to pick after me, after she chews me out. It gets pretty harsh if you ask me... no hun, I'm not talking bad about yoooOOOOW OW OW OW NOT THE EARS AGAIN, PLEEEEEEASE

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