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Bug/Issue Nintendo Switch Connection issues on Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Support' started by WLGades, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. WLGades

    WLGades Aquatic Astronaut

    Sorry in advance for the long post, just wanted to give all the information I could give in case any of it was relevant!

    My wife and I are both on the latest version of Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch (1.3.33), and we've been getting a few different connection issues, and tried various workarounds to some success but have hit another wall.

    1. My wife first started playing single player, made it to Fall 7, when I joined her game connected via local connection. There were a few random connectivity issues, but it mostly worked until we played via online one day. It was a little spotty, so we tried to go back to local connection, but we never could get local connection working again.

    2. So we decided to start over again on a new farm, and never use online connection. That worked well for over two years of in-game time, we made it past Grandpa's Evaluation (my wife passed!) and then a few days into Spring Year 3, I decided to upgrade my cabin. After 3 days passed, I couldn't join the game any more. Every time I entered her game, her game would immediately crash with "An unexpected error has occurred", and I would get a message "The host has closed the connection.". We tried a bunch of different things, from having her play single player a few days, from creating a new cabin, but nothing worked. The only thing we got working was deleting my cabin altogether, then re-creating a cabin and my joining as a completely fresh user. So we did that.

    3. Now we're a few more weeks into playing (Fall 4 or so in Year 3), and the dreaded "An unexpected error has occurred" message has come up again. This time, we stayed away from upgrading my cabin, so I'm not even sure what caused it this time. I did get a 10-heart event, did some mining/combat, etc. but tried to stay away from anything that might cause the problem.

    So just wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions on what we could do besides just delete my farmer and come back again, or if anyone has ideas on what may have caused it this time.

    Love the game, thanks for any ideas!

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