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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by gcabercrombie, Feb 2, 2019.

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    There are a few suggestions that appear elsewhere already on this forum and I'm not always sure what platform those suggestions were for, but to summarize what areas I'm in agreement with (and they apply to the Switch as well) :

    - move end turn button
    - animation skip with a button press
    - difficult to tell what units are effective/weak against a particular unit with the little portraits
    - automatically lock cursor onto available attack targets

    Now a few other items that may only pertain to the Switch; Feel free to chime in if this applies to other platforms as well:
    - playing in docked mode disables the zoom feature. I'm playing in handheld mode so I can zoom in, numbers & text are too small when docked and there is no zoom option once you dock.
    - while animations are taking place, you can tap or hold a directional input and move the cursor around even though it doesn't appear on screen. This can be jarring when the animation ends and the screen goes zipping to catch up with the cursor on the far end of the map.
    -in a similar fashion you can get menus to pop up and access them while the computer is taking its turn, just a little strange
    -I wish enemy movement/attack ranges were on a toggle (a la Fire Emblem) so I didnt have to commit ranges to memory after releasing the A button

    Of course the game is awesome and the above suggestions are in no way an indication of a bad game. Going to go fiend on it some more right now :p

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