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Bug/Issue [Nintendo Switch ver.] Issues with Fishing and Use of Hoe

Discussion in 'Support' started by dot_svg, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. dot_svg

    dot_svg Space Hobo


    I have two major issues/bugs I faced on several occasions and would like to report them. I tried resetting the Switch console and searching the forums but couldn't find similar posts.

    Issue 1:
    On more than one occasion, the fishing events (Stardew Valley Fair and the Festival of Ice) have froze. The character gets stuck mid-animation while casting the rod and doesn't respond to any input until the event times out. It happened while rapidly tapping the 'Y' button upon retrieving the fish after the mini-game closes. I got around the issue by restarting the game in both events, but would like to see this fixed.

    Issue 2:
    The hoe fails to remove items planted on the ground. This is a bigger issue for me, as resetting the console does not properly resolve the problem. Player-planted items - decorative outdoor plants and sprinklers in my case - have been stuck permanently in the ground where it was planted and does not get removed with the hoe. This occurs on random objects in random locations and I cannot figure out how to replicate it. I suspected it may be a tool tier issue and tried upgrading the hoe but it did not make a difference. Upon resetting the console, it releases a previously stuck item, but then a new item that had not had the problem before gets stuck instead. If it helps, the issues occurred on the standard hoe on a Quality Sprinkler; then Copper Hoe on Quality Sprinkler and the outdoor Seasonal Plant; and Steel Hoe on Quality Sprinkler and outdoor Seasonal Plant. I have never ran into issues with the standard Sprinkler.

    Any updates or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    • minervamaga

      minervamaga Pangalactic Porcupine

      Normally the hoe does not remove plants, etc. You need to use the pickaxe to remove those items.
      • dot_svg

        dot_svg Space Hobo

        Thanks for the tip. I'll stick to using the pickaxe at all times, but the hoe should - and previously did remove - decorative plants and sprinklers. I did mention that it was random, whether it removed it or not, so I think I would just like to see some consistency; either don't let it remove those items at all, or let it remove it all the time. Not a big issue, just caught me off guard.

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