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No access to ginger island?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zonkasaurus, Mar 18, 2021.


Will i get access to his backroom by seducing the heeby jeebies out of him?

  1. Yeah... maybe?

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  2. Nah, unlikely

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  3. Duno

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  1. Zonkasaurus

    Zonkasaurus Space Hobo

    Im playing on an ipad (8th gen 2020 model)
    i dont know if its not available on ios yet or what?
    i have completed:
    • Community bundle
    • Abandoned mystery bundle
    • Getting a squid for willy
    • Getting a lingcod for willy
    i did that in the winter year 2. Now on summer year 3. Theres no mysterious back room with willy, just a ladder. Im now just trying to buy him loved gifts so maybe he can invite me from friendship. Im worried that i‘ll end up with 10 hearts and still be nowhere closer to that invite. Anyone have any clues?
    • OdinintheNorth

      OdinintheNorth Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      1.5 is not on iOS yet, so Ginger Island isn't available. You can follow ConcernedApe on twitter to know when the update releases for mobile!

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