No, I Don't Want to Eat This!!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rmd64, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. rmd64

    rmd64 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    ......That's what she said.... :pfff: ANYWAYS, Although there very very few mechanics of this game that get on my nerves, there is one beyond all others that irritates me to no end: being asked if I want to eat the crop/animal product I'm holding. For example, while trying to place my eggs inside the mayo machines if I'm even slightly not centered with the machine I get asked if I want to eat the egg over and over again. I think it would be tremendously helpful if there were two separate buttons for eating something or doing an action with it. That's all, thanks.
    • primm

      primm Phantasmal Quasar

      Happens to me alot too. Kind of annoying isn't it. I have lots of kegs and I am guaranteed to have the system ask me at least once if I want to eat a starfruit rather than place it inside the keg >.o uggh. Right-click should be an action, left-click = use on self. Or the other way around, don't care.
      • Caudyr

        Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

        I wouldn't mind a separate button to eat something AT ALL. Especially since artisan goods typically become the main source of revenue in year 2 and beyond. Heck, make it a keyboard key that allows you to eat it; It doesn't have to be a left/right click at all (with the Y key being available for Yes, and N for No for it of course). I always use left click (which is decisively SLOWER than right click) for placing stuff in the barrels...but I'd love to actually be able to use right click for it instead.
        • Stone7C1

          Stone7C1 Subatomic Cosmonaut

          use left click to place items in machines. youre only getting asked if you want to eat something if you right click.

          on the other hand when youre harvesting, take a tool without a right click function into your hand, like an axe or a pickaxe, and harvest by holding down the right mouse button. seems to be the fastest harvesting method aswell.
          • Caudyr

            Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

            Yeah, right click definitely WORKS BETTER for this sort of stuff, though...especially if the item isn't a consumable (compare left clicking ore into a Furnace to right clicking ore into a Furnace).

            I'd really rather just have "consume" be some other key for food, personally...but eh...I'll deal with it, heh. I CAN STILL HOPE, THOUGH! =x
            • rmd64

              rmd64 Subatomic Cosmonaut

              I actually use an Xbox controller to play the game as opposed to mouse/keyboard. I like being able to lay back my bed and play the game, but there are definately drawbacks to it (furniture placement!!!!)
              • MithranArkanere

                MithranArkanere Space Kumquat

                Yeah. It should stop trying to eat stuff while you are holding the button. Eating something should require a simple button press. Never hold.

                That or using a different key or key combination to eat.
                • ThitPoulsen

                  ThitPoulsen Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  Yeah please give us a new button to eat something, i get asked constantly if i wanna eat something and its annoying as all hell. PLEASE D:
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                  • NikkSword

                    NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                    PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP! :lickitung:
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