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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Colony, Jun 15, 2018.

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    So, I've been watching recent Wargroove videos and trying to understand the damage calculations. I thought it would be similar to Advance Wars, but after close observation, is it not.

    In Advance Wars, Luck & RNG played a big role. If a recon attacks an infantry for 75% damage, that recon will deal 7 Hit Points of damage, with a 50% chance of dealing an extra Hit Point (The tenths place is the whole damage and the oneths place is the percent-chance of crit-ing, out-of-ten).
    In almost every "unit" in AW is composed of a group of 5 units. So an "infantry unit" has 5 infantry, with 2 Hit Points for each, composing 10 whole Hit Points. In Wargroove, there are only 4 units for each "unit". So each unit within a "unit" has 2.5 Hit Points...

    Anyway, I watched a 10HP spearman attack a 9HP hero for like 18% damage. A whole single hitpoint was dealt to the hero, bringing him down to 8HP. Taking my knowledge from AW, I was expecting an 80% crit, dealing an extra HP to the hero. Meaning that hero would be at 7HP. But it didn't happen. I understand that the hero unit is significantly stronger than normal units and I'm not just talking about heroes, I'm asking if this applies to every unit including heroes.

    My Whole Point: Is there no Luck & RNG? The only critical hits are using the units passive ability? Lucky Crits & RNG have been replaced with a new mechanic?
    My Assumption: Every "unit" including heroes have 100% health. Numbers like -47%, mean just simple math? 100% - 47% = 53% Health/5HP? If 100% - 92% = 8% Health, is this unit still on the field? If there is no number in the tenths place, does that equal death?
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      There definitely is luck and rng in Wargroove. If you watch the streams you can see the actual hitpoints of a unit (between 1-100) when the cursor is over the unit. The number over the unit is these actual hit points rounded upwards, thus for example 82% health will show 9 hp. I noticed that a unit can deal more or less damage depending on the rng. In advance wars a unit can only deal more damage, though few COs were exceptions to this rule. For most COs the RNG is 0-9 for full hp unit.

      In both games the actual hit points are never rounded. In your example if the recon hit 7 damage, it actually did 75-79%, if it hit 8 damage, it actually did 80-84% damage. From the data available it is for now impossible to say, how the luck is calculated in Wargroove. However, because there is also bad luck involved, for example 20% damage doesn't necessarily mean you'll deal 2 hp of damage. Due to unlucky rng one might deal 18% damage bringing the health down from 79% to 61% = 8 to 7 hp.

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