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RELEASED No More Novaboobs!

Discussion in 'Character Improvements' started by Moonlit-Comet, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Moonlit-Comet

    Moonlit-Comet Void-Bound Voyager

    Are you tired of seeing breasts or abs on your gas bag people? So am I!
    With my new mod, you don’t have to see them any more! It is only available on the Steam Workshop here.
    This mod is a simple sprite edit that smooths the chests of Novakid. Here, you can see before and after on both males and females:
    Females have rounder chests to appear smoother, but no boobs!
    This mod should be compatible with just about any other except for ones that change the torso images, such as Novaskin. It is compatible with more colors including dark core, extra hairstyles, and the Personality mod.
    It is purely aesthetic and client-side, so the server owners do not need it for you to join them.

    This mod is usable in mod packs with consent. Do not edit assets without consent.

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