Non-Ancient-Fruit Monocroppers Represent

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Do you monocrop on at least one save?

  1. Yes, but only the most profitable stuff.

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  2. Yes, something other than the most profitable stuff. (Leave comments!)

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  3. No, because it's not profitable.

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  4. No for other reasons. (Leave comments!)

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  1. Trevs

    Trevs Astral Cartographer

    Yeah, I stopped really planting for profits. After I emerged from the mountain of blueberries covering my farm (i.e. the game switch to fall and they all died), I just sold all of them since I wanted to use my kegs and preserve jars for other varieties of jellies and wines. Although now I'm running into the same problems with cranberries...
    • LuthienNightwolf

      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

      I've never planted for profit, I mainly go for variety. I grow a little of everything for each season so I have it for my personal collection, for recipes, and for gifts.

      I usually use tree fruits for jelly and pick two favorites from each season to make wine with. I have 12 ancient fruit plants in my greenhouse so I only do a batch of ancient fruit wine when I have enough regular-quality fruits to fill all my barrels. This makes it so I'm not constantly making ancient fruit wine, which makes it feel more special when I do have a batch. :>

      I'm still rolling in gold faster than I can spend it by year 2 anyway, so profit is never really a concern of mine.
      • Jerev

        Jerev Pangalactic Porcupine

        I min-max in the first spring using a method that ShneekeyTheLost once posted as a guide, but even then I save some crops for later gifting or cooking. After the first season I play more relaxed and build the farm I had in mind for that save.
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        • Odd Farmer

          Odd Farmer Big Damn Hero

          Monocropping is boring. I like variety on my farm.
          • sunlite

            sunlite Pangalactic Porcupine

            I do somewhat min-max during the first season as well, but not for profit. I try to plant as many parsnips/strawberries as possible even if it means filling the entire morning with watering (I have a regen pool so energy is not a concern). The quicker I can get to level 6 farming, the quicker I can invest more time into home and farm decorating which is a huge aspect of the game for me. I also love to go mining haha. I don't ever buy ore or coal because it encourages me to spend more time in the mines (and I'm thinking of modding my game to remove that shop so I don't feel tempted).
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            • Jerev

              Jerev Pangalactic Porcupine

              If it was possible and a good idea, I would monocrop strawberries in the first spring. But in reality I plant a lot of parsnips and potatoes until strawberries are available for purchase.
              I would focus more on getting to level 80 of the mines than worrying about my farming level. Everyone maintains as many crops as possible. But if you reach farming level 6, you will need much gold (and iron).
              • Charity322

                Charity322 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                How could you forget Leah (and all the men)!

                I should think of something to put in my greenhouse. It's just sitting there at the moment with iridium sprinklers in it waiting for me to make up my mind. Last save I did fruit trees and actually found that disappointing, because you didn't get to look forward to the fruit when the right season approached.
                • Ipielle

                  Ipielle Title Not Found

                  Most of my crops are profitable stuff (strawberries and cauliflower in spring, starfruit and melon in summer, pumpkin and artichoke in fall with some cranberries on the side) but I usually plant almost all of the season's crops just because I need them for cooking, gifting or crafting. i also have flowers for my bees. My greenhouse on the other hand is based on profitability with pomegranate trees around the planting area, hops everywhere I can put them and sweet gem berries and ancient fruits to fill the necessary space between two hops lines.) I have four sheds of kegs to convert all of this into pale ale, wine and juice ...
                  Even though I'm trying to make a lot of profit, I don't think I ever did monocropping. Just because it would be a tad boring. But I earn money mostly by converting all my crops into artisan goods.
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                  • wronghandle

                    wronghandle Star Wrangler

                    I like having a variety of colors and shapes, so I plant a mix of stuff and just leave it unharvested. For my outside fields, I favor certain crops for how they match my coop animals. Chickens and ducks look terrific against all stages of wheat. Strawberries and ducklings are the absolute best. I'm not crazy about how the corn looks, but it's my favorite thing for the jumino to harvest because it never blocks my view of them and it shakes so nicely when they're picking.
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                    • Lilliput

                      Lilliput Supernova

                      You know, for a year and a half I've been playing this game, and for a year and half I've always felt that the Greenhouse, once unlocked, was a little bit of a letdown. Not the size of it (though the irregular shaped plot that defies tidy sprinkler layouts drives me batty), not the utility. There was something that just didn't seem right about it, and you just put your finger on it.

                      It's the lack of seasonal variety.

                      I'm not playing for maximum profits. I genuinely like picking seasonal fruits and veggies at the right time of year, and planning what I'll grow for the coming season. (And not based on min-maxing, either.) The Greenhouse always felt flat because it was any crop, any time. I'm not saying it isn't a good tie-in to my winery save, where I can grow hothouse grapes and berries for the kegs, but it doesn't bring me the same fun as a pumpkin patch in the Fall. I think the most actual 'fun' I've had in the Greenhouse in various saves is still my indoor flower garden. I think I may just stick with using the Greenhouse as a creative outlet in future saves.
                      • Seismothesaurus

                        Seismothesaurus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        Saaaaame about the sprinklers. I modded my greenhouse in part for that reason (and so I'd have space for all the additional trees in the More Crops Mod). 2cute still has a gap when using iridium sprinklers, but it feels more realistic to build a path up the middle instead of a solid block of crops.


                        I agree that the greenhouse can throw off the sense of changing seasons and connection to nature. I kind of like being forced to have more free time in winter, or to have only a very small plot of mixed winter seeds. I find it impossible to not use the greenhouse once I have it, so I try to put off getting it until at least year 2. My first save is my "go big and do everything" save, but I think I'll put some limitations on greenhouse use in other saves.
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                        • wronghandle

                          wronghandle Star Wrangler

                          That, combined with how flat it feels with no weather and very little changes in light. I've always found the stillness kinda stuffy and oppressive. I just hatched my first slime in there, and the space feels better for having a bit of movement and sound. Bonus: physical comedy of the slime rebounding off the sprinklers and trellised plants.
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                          • Seismothesaurus

                            Seismothesaurus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            That's a great idea, I never thought about putting slimes in there. You might want to Jooooin Uuusss and share how it works out.
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                            • Lilliput

                              Lilliput Supernova

                              Now I like that idea. The save I just started is going to be heavily into slimes and I think I'd like to have a Fancy Shmancy upscale slime garden for the elite slimes. Only the finest of slimes may tip-toe through the tulips of my greenhouse! (Disclaimer, Slimes in greenhouse may not actually have toes.)

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