Modding Help Non-binary farmer? is it possible?

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    The post was edited to remove confusion- originally it just said "You guys should seek professional help," so a lot of people misconstrued it, leading to the response you see above.

    Also, just wanted to say I'm excited to see how this mod is coming along and I'm glad that so many people are actually interested in and working on making it a reality- bless all of your souls, yo.
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      Oh, thanks for clarifying!
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        Mx. is the gender neutral version of Mr./Ms.

        I admit, I havent played the game in a good while (busy w stuff plus im waiting till shane is added as a bachelor to play again lol) I just wanted to drop in and let you know that c:
        I also edited the cursors for the gender icons into 1 and 2 (couldnt fit the word body onto there, sorry its too small)

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          More of dialogues
          Mon: "Ahoy there, son.^Ahoy there, lass.#$b#Looks like decent weather for fishing, eh?" #!String
          Tue6: "Can you keep a secret, mister?^Can you keep a secret, miss?$u#$b#I wanna marry Miss Penny when I grow up.#$e#Just don't tell her, okay?$u" #!String
          Sun: "Hi there, mister!^Hi there, miss." #!String
          Wed_19: "Hey, man... what the heck is your problem? Sorry I asked.$a" #!String
          event_snack1: "He's right... That's what happened.$s^She's right... that's what happened.$s" #!String
          event_snack3: "What!? He's lying!$a^What!? She's lying!$a" #!String
          Introduction: "Hey, it's Mr. @, the new farmer! I'm Pierre, owner of the local general store.^Hey, it's Ms. @, the new farmer! I'm Pierre, owner of the local general store.#$b#If you're looking for seeds, my shop is the place to go. I'll also buy produce from you for a good price!#$e#A little agriculture could really inject new life into the local economy!" #!String
          Mon_inlaw_Abigail: "Hello, er... my son?$s^Hello, er... daughter?$s" #!String
          Thu2: "I really do appreciate your business, Mr. @. I've been having a harder and harder time turning a decent profit.^I really do appreciate your business, Ms. @. I've been having a harder and harder time turning a decent profit." #!String
          summer_Tue2: "Oh, it's Mr. @.^Oh it's Miss @.#$e#Do you need my help or something?" #!String
          summer_Fri: "...Yeah?#$e#You're a fine lookin' young man. Why're you wastin' your time talkin' to an old girl like me?^You're a pretty gal. What 're you wastin' your time talkin' to someone like me for?" #!String
          Mon: "I love animals, Mr. @. You'd better treat your animals well, or I'll be coming after you!^I just love animals, Ms. @. Treat them kindly and we'll become friends, I'm sure!" #!String
          Mon4: "Hi, Mr. @.^Hi, Ms. @.#$e#It's fun to live on a farm.$h" #!String
          Sat8: "You're always so nice to me, Mr. @$h^You're always so nice to me, Ms. @.$h#$e#Grown-ups are usually mean and boring, but you're different." #!String
          Introduction: "Oh... you're that new farmer boy, aren't you?^Oh... You're that new farmer girl, or whatever. Aren't you?#$e#Huh? Oh... I'm Haley.#$e#Hmm... If it weren't for those horrendous clothes you might actually be cute.^Hmm... If it weren't for those horrendous clothes you might actually be pretty... Actually, nevermind.$h" #!String
          Event_clean2: "NO!! I'm not going to do it!$a#$b#You guys are both stupid!%fork$a" #!String
          winter_Sun10: "@, you look rugged today. I like it.^@, you look pretty today.#$e#...$h" #!String
          Wed_inlaw_Alex: "How can two men get married? It's unnatural... Hmmph. I guess I'm just \"old fashioned\"...^You're part of the family, now. I'm glad that my grandson found such a nice wife." #!String
          Wed10_inlaw_Alex: "I'll admit, I thought it was... strange... for two men to be together. But you're such a nice young man, and I know you two are in love... I've changed my mind.^You're part of the family, now... and I couldn't be more proud." #!String
          Thu: "I can't talk right now, young man.^I can't talk right now, miss.#$e#My favorite program is on." #!String
          fall_Sat_inlaw_Alex: "Oh, hello my dear. I think of you as my own grandson now.$h^Oh, hello my hear. I think of you as my own grand-daughter now.$h" #!String
          summer_Sun6: "Hi, @! We've become decent friends, haven't we?$h#$e#That's fine with me. You're a cool guy.^I'm glad.$h" #!String
          event_boat1: "... I was worried you might not feel this way about another man.$l^So am I.$l" #!String
          Introduction: "Oh, hey. So you're the new guy, huh? Cool.^Hey, you're the new girl, huh? I think we're going to get along great. I'm Alex.#$e#I'll see you around." #!String
          Tue: "The beach is a cool place to hang out and soak up some rays.#e#You gotta spend some time in the sun or else you'll get all pale.#$e#*sigh*... I wish there were more girls in this town, know what I mean?$s^Hey, do you wanna hang out with me at the beach some time? Do you have a bikini?" #!String
          Wed: "Looks like a good day to play catch, huh?$u#$e#$q 5/6 Wed_01_old#I'd ask you to throw the ball around, but you don't really seem like the sports type.^If you weren't a girl I'd ask you to play catch.#$r 6 0 Wed_01_02#I'm fine just watching you from a distance.#$r 5 15 Wed_01_01#I want to play catch with you!#$r 5 0 Wed_01_03#(angry) What's that supposed to mean?" #!String
          Fri: "Hey, what's up farmer guy?^Hey, it's farm girl. Did you get new pants? You're doing something right.#e#Oh, I almost forgot! It's my day for doing push-ups!#e#Every time I do push-ups I try to do one more than last time. Pretty cool strategy, huh?" #!String
          event_box3: "...Thanks, @.#$b#You... you're different than the other guys. More sensitive.$l^You've become my best friend in the whole town... #$b#I'm glad.^Is that embarrassing to say?$l" #!String
          summer_Mon: "Hey, farmer guy. You look a little burnt.^Hey Farmer girl. You've got a nice tan going.$h#$e#The more I practice this summer, the easier it'll be for me to go pro.#$e#Then you'd be able to say you knew me once. Cool, huh?" #!String
          summer_Wed: "Hey farm guy, I've got a question for you.^Hey Farm girl, I've got a question for you.#$b#$q 52/53 summer_Wed_01_old#Do you think I'll ever turn pro?#$r 52 30 summer_Wed_01_01#You're destined to be a sports legend#$r 52 0 summer_Wed_01_02#Maybe, if you practice a lot#$r 53 -50 summer_Wed_01_03#No, you'll most likely fail and become a salesman" #!String
          summer_Tue4: "You're an interesting guy, @. I'm glad you moved here.$h^You're an interesting lady, @. I'm glad you moved here.$h" #!String
          Marriage dialogue
          Indoor_Night_0: "From the brightest winter star, to the shimmer of an iridium vein... nothing can compare to my wonderful man.$l^From the brightest winter star, to the fragrant fairy rose... nothing can compare with your captivating beauty.$l" #!String
          Indoor_Day_0: "Ahh... there's nothing like a good night's sleep next to my husband!$h^Ahh... there's nothing like a good night's sleep next to my wife!$h" #!String
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            I'm late to the party but just reading the first and last pages, I'm glad to see that there's been a lot of support in making this happen. I don't need this mod myself, but it's cool that the community has created OPTIONS for those who personally need them for a better gaming and immersive experience.

            I did discover that, through a few appearance mods, that one can not only be non-binary, but, technically mixed genders. I have files for a male and female game and realize that the addition of shirts that show cleavage, I can make my male character transgendered.

            So now I have it on my mind, for a further roleplaying experience, did this get so far in depth that, say, one could actually change genders mid-game? That'd be some story-telling.

            But my two cents aside, hype for gender-support.
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            • Kintamasan

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              i want a mod for my non physical character...cause i feel like i`m a warm summerbeeze :D :D :D

              sick shit ... there are 2 Genders ....male and female.... no need for anything else...what should this be ... a Kappa? 1 wants a mod to drive in a wheelchair ... next wants to get a Downsyndrom-char .....

              6 Pages of discussion about such a freakstuff :D :D u should consult a psychiatrist
              • (USER WAS <warn>ED FOR THIS POST. Reason: <being a jerk>.)
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              I get where you're coming from, but don't be such a dick about it. At least use spellcheck and make sentences properly.
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                I think I got the majority of these, but I'll have to double check - I know I got George since his really vexed me, but I don't recall if I noticed Willy or Evelyn in particular which makes me anxious regarding the others.
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                  Theres nothing wrong with wanting a Kappa, character, that sounds fun. A personally Id be happy with a wheelchair using sprite, but I know that would be just awkward with animations. Im not sure what a Down Syndrome character would look like though.

                  I know you were attempting to be sarcastic, but at least think of better comparisons. Do you not think people in wheelchairs exist? o_O
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                    what a mess this thread became..OP wasn't opening a discussion on their gender for all you uninformed people out there so keep your mouths shut.
                    i really hope someone can make this a thing! i don't know how to code for it but i want to show my support!!!!!!!
                    • rhomboid

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                      Dropping the topic would be much appreciated. This thread is about modding.
                      • _iridescent.lotus

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                        You could use

                        It's technically a cheat app, but you can change appearance [Including gender!]. Just make sure it's the 2.1.4 version, especially if you have custom shirts, hair, etc [Which pretty much everyone does]. All the previous versions will set everything to the first option, and I had to restart my entire game because of it. T_T [I was NOT about to wear overalls with a spiky haircut that even Cloud would be envious of]

                        Also, keep the save backup option, just to be safe. I did the first time, just to make sure, and everything stayed.

                        I'm not transgender, I'm just cheating on my second file cuz I want both Penny and Maru, but I don't want to collect everything for the Bundles AGAIN. ^_^;; [And I just feel horrible helping Joja]

                        And I hope this continues! I'm demifluid, which means I either feel like a woman or agender. So this would be awesome!
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                        • zappaslave

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                          I can't actually seem to get 2.1.4 to download. I've tried to update through Chiklet and it just times out and/or crashes and I get nothing, so I'm not sure HOW to update it. (I needed to mark off a learned recipe because I'm not waiting another YEAR to get it.) But having used it I DO know the woes of having to reset my character, fortunately I only use custom hair and it's just a drop in the ocean to pay the Wizard's basement to fix it.
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                            Post this on the Chicklet thread and the mod author might be able to hlep
                            • Ceratisa

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                              So I read the whole thread and one thing is bothering me more than anything else. Shouldn't this of been headed as a request?
                              • spiritslive99

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                                It was probably headed as "modding help" because, from what I understand by reading the original post, the original poster fully intended to do this themselves and were just asking how to go about it (or if they should even try)- and then it was picked up by multiple people who wanted to see this be done. That's just my guess at least.
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                                  Well no they supposedly were going to do some text edits, but this came across much more clearly like a request. It just wasn't a direct one.

                                  They had no mod, or difficulty with someone else's mod they were working on is my primary point though.
                                  • spiritslive99

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                                    Eh, the mods haven't been too nitpicky about it, and it's probably their place to decide. How it comes across is based on perception, anyway- I didn't even see how it could be viewed it as a request until I reread it just now. In any event, I don't really see why it matters... there's been a lot of progress made on this thread, and that's the important part, really.
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                                      I'm finally done w the exams and finally have some free time, so i'm redoing the bathing suit, here is the shorts. Someone else also has done a "better swimsuit mod" here in case everyone hasnt seen it yet : But i'm doing what has been suggested in this thread and a few others variety i have in my head.

                                      I'm thinking of doing body variety mod, but it will take time, the player's sprite look like a mess to me right now, i'm thinking : board shoulders + small hips, bigger hips + more curvy thighs ,etc and come in 2 body type : chubby/fat and skinny/thin. Maybe shorter and taller too but i have to see if it works

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