RELEASED Non-Default Replacement Chickens (Silkie, Orpington, Barred Rock)

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    For this mod, you'd just have to place the files in the StardewValley/Content folder under the same folders they come zipped in (e.g. unzipped mod/Animals/ files go in your Content/Animals folder). Since there can only be one FarmAnimals.xnb file, to use multiple peoples' non-default animals, you'd have to edit the file yourself. You'd have to use xnb_node to decrypt and reencrypt the .xnb file into a filetype you can edit (just like how you have to unzip .zip files). Then you can open the extracted .yaml file in a text editor and add all the animals you want yourself (the animals from both mods). Since you're on a Mac, I'm not sure xnb_node will run for you since it uses the windows console. As far as I know, there's no Mac version of the game, so I'm guessing you're running it through a Windows emulator like Wine. You'd have to do something similar. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac so I can't really help you there. I'd suggest Googling something like "how to run Windows batch files on Mac."

    As for editing the actual FarmAnimals .yaml file... You'll see a bunch of lines of text in the lower-half of the document. You'll see what I mean. They all look something like "White Chicken: "numbers/numbers/numbers" #!String." Copy and paste a new one of these lines (whichever corresponds to the type of animal you're trying to make), and change the animal name that appears before the colon to the name of your new breed. However, if you copy and paste the data line for a pig and try to use it for your new duck breed, you're going to get some weird behavior, but that's probably expected.
    • spiritslive99

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      Alright, I can figure that out! So just to make sure, I leave the numbers unchanged when copying and just change the breed name?
      • Lavapulse

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        Yeah. The numbers all affect different things, like product item ids, sprite size, laying frequency, health, etc. I haven't figured them all out. You can try messing with them, but better to leave them if you don't want anything unexpected.
        • spiritslive99

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          I managed to get it working perfectly, thanks for all your help! Also, I'm really excited for that blue chicken you showed- it's super cute, and I'm impressed that custom animal products are even a possibility, so props for that!
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          • l4ng4m

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            Please help me how to do this with your tool i really wanted to have different kinds of chickies and also piggies pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help me
            • forrpa

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              Im in the farmanimals.yaml file, and this is the code for the white chicken (just an example) White Chicken: "1/3/176/174/cluck/8/32/48/32/8/32/48/32/0/false/Coop/16/16/16/16/4/7/null/641/800" #!String

              If I create a new animal, how do I know which code it has? I tried checking the white chicken.yaml but it didnt have such code.
              • Lumisteria

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                Will it require an API ? It look promising.
                • Minakie

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                  I have a question: If I just add my custom animals to the \Animal folder but don't actually replace any of the animals I already have in game (aka not changing the save file or using the tool), will they still appear randomly ingame as I buy new animals?

                  edit: Oh wait, I'm guessing not, 'cause it's not just the save file that needs editing though, it's the FarmAnimals.xnb file as well, right?
                  I can't figure out how to use the Toolkit to install these, dunno if I'm missing it because I have ADHD or because I'm so impatient to actually try these ingame.
                  Can you use the toolkit to just add the new animals into the game, but without actually replacing the ones you already bought? And, if yes, does the toolkit change only the save file, or does it change the FarmAnimals.xnb file as well?

                  edit2: Ok, I think I had xnb_node installed in the wrong place, 'cause the only tab on my Toolkit before was Save Editor (Load Save File and Save File) and now I have more tabs (Farm Animals, New Breed, Install Breed). Problem is, when I try to load my save file, I get a .NET Framework error message:


                  Any idea how to fix this?

                  Also, I still have no idea how to do this .-.

                  I'm following a tutorial, so I shift+right click on my Stradew Valley folder and launch a command prompt, then I type "xnb_node.cmd extract Content/Data/FarmAnimals.xnb AFarmAnimals.yaml" (without quotations) but nothing seems to happen :s
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                  • Hitgirl911

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                    This is so cute!

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                    • lannihamm

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                      finally got the opringtons and silkies i wanted, super adorable
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                      • ahellionjet

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                        Sorry for dredging up an old thread, but I was wondering if you have plans for any other chicken breeds? I love your work and I'd love to see more breed choice for this game. Especially Swedish Flower Hens, Swedish Black Hens or Ayam Cenamis, and Swedish Blue Hens. And a rooster mod, even if he lays eggs, just for the realism feel. I'd do it myself but I'm no artist.
                        • Vaira

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                          I love this!
                          I'd like to know if there's a way to get different cats or dogs... I have a cat and a dog but I want to get two different coloured dogs... Not sure if it would be possible with a manual edit.
                          • Minakie

                            Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                            Something like this?
                            • Vaira

                              Vaira Void-Bound Voyager

                              Thanks, but I was hoping to do it via manually editing the save file :)
                              I might just give in and get SMAPI at some point here haha
                              Thanks again though! Really helpful :)
                              • Yoseiri

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                                Now I wish someone would make a hug your pet mod
                                • fdg21

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                                  i tried to make the silkie chicks but it kept saying image wasnt the right size-solved my bad
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                                  • fdg21

                                    fdg21 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    okay new issue, when i install a breed like your silkies, it just loops me back to the chucklefish icon everytime i load, am i doing something wrong? Please help me i love your chickens and would love to have them in my game
                                    • chaos_fire

                                      chaos_fire Void-Bound Voyager

                                      You inspired me to make D'uccle chickens in various colors, which I breed and raise. :) My mod should be released today or tomorrow. Chicken enthusiasts unite!
                                      • dawnplechaty

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                                        Can you use this to put other animals into the game like turkeys, deer, buffalo etc?
                                        • Peyelle

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                                          ..if i edit the .xnb filenames, can i just use some of these as replacers? i'm not really willing to manually edit them in but like. that silkie is cute :(

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