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    Hi all, I decided I'd share my ideas for characters for Stardew Valley, since its so easily modded (or at least more easily modded than most games) and since the game has a pseudo fantasy theme to it (with monsters and a couple non human characters) I figured I'd add a little something special.

    I've been a huge fan of the Rune Factory series, mostly because it shows, particularly in the third game, that humans and monsters co-exist and occasionally intermarry. So I was hoping that I'd get a fully non-human romance in the fourth game, it came, Ventuswill was the only potential candidate, and then that hope of mine was shot down. So, once I saw how the modding was going for Stardew, I had the idea to just do it myself.

    So I got a couple of characters in mind, and I wanted to leave this thread open to anyone who wanted to share their own character ideas, or even to those who want to help make these happen.

    Character Ideas:

    Amaya the dragoness
    A blue scaled dragoness who nested in the mountains surrounding Stardew Valley and has been hibernating for the past few hundred years. She was awoken by Joja mart's blasting and mining in the mountains, she is territorial, at least to people serving Joja mart, but is more agreeable to the local inhabitants. She has been alone for many decades, but doesn't seek out the company to fix her loneliness.

    This character would need its own sprites, portraits, an extension to the map in the mountains, a home, events, etc.

    Lilly the Centaur
    A rowan colored centauress that has taken up residence in the hidden forest, her forested home is in danger from logging by Joja mart, so she moved to Stardew Valley, partially to get away from her cloistered forest home and also to learn more about Joja mart.

    The player will be able to meet her after breaking the log sealing off the hidden forest, maybe edit the forest a bit to add a campsite where she lives. She also will need sprites, and portraits and so on.

    If anyone has got any other ideas, feel free to share :)

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