Modding Help Non removable fireplace spawned, I don't know which mod did it

Discussion in 'Mods' started by gaygimmicknova, Dec 17, 2019.

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    I downloaded mods yesterday and when I loaded one of my saves, and there was a fireplace behind my two mini fridges are. I can't access either refrigerator nor can I remove the fireplace behind them, clicking on anything in the area just turns on the fireplace.

    SMAPI log

    If it also helps any here's a list of the mods that was downloaded yesterday:
    Content Patcher
    Elle's Seasonal Buildings
    Elle's Cat Replacements
    Elle's Dog Replacement
    Elle's New Horses
    Elle's New Barn Animals
    Babies Take After Spouse
    Seasonal Villager Outfits
    Suitcase Record Player
    Hats Won't Mess Up Hair
    Better Artisan Goods Icons
    Better Fruit Trees
    Better Ranching
    Stardew Notifications
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