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RELEASED Nonuniform 2.0.5

Disables uniforms from being put on new crew and villagers; able to assign new ones to each member

  1. blazxred

    blazxred Big Damn Hero

    I'm having a problem. have you ever use this mod with npcspawner+ and FU? if you have you are likely to know what i'm talking about.
    if not. here's the problem. the tailor is not working properly. you can change crew outfit to yours but only temporarily.
    after you beam down to planet, the crewmember that you have outfit changed automatically return to their original class uniform.
    the tailor only works with recruitable npc not spawned npc. and my english is bad i'm having a hard time trying to explain this.
    i'm currently trying stuffs and might edit this so don't pay too much attention to this cause it's basically me being greedy arse.
  2. Perichan

    Perichan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hope this is the right place. It says that this mod should work with addon races too, and I'm currently in the process of making my own race mod. Only, crew members of this race don't show up under the tailor's menu? Anyone have any idea why that would be, or if there's anyway to get them to show up?

    (Other than this one blip though, LOVE this mod! Helps keep me sane, though I do wish my tailor would hold still lmao)
  3. Aharon

    Aharon Intergalactic Tourist

    Incompatible with Custom Crew+? Could you guys tag along? A good thing about frackin is that spawn the crew npc in nude form :) but it break some mods i like

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