NPC Novakid Asteroid Caravans

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by TronNinja, May 23, 2016.

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    The basic idea was some thing I got from reading the original Novakid page by Bietol.
    Then I got to thinking that it would make sense that the Novakids wouldn't be as attached to planets as other races are, since they came from stars to begin with and don't really need air, and as such wouldn't really care about planet based villages. Instead like the quote said they would travel around the galaxy in something like a convoy of spaceships on a galactic Oregon Trail.
    So the idea was to have Novakid settlement be set in the currently empty asteroid fields and have it look something like a bunch of steam powered buildings/ships attached to the side of the rocks and connected by ramshackle platforms. The structures themselves could be a cross between something like a gold mine and brewery where they turn the rock into moonshine. Then a couple of them as taverns and general good stores. Altogether it might look something like a gold rush era mining town, only IN SPACE. Heck You could even name one Jaynestown.
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    Are you sure? Because in the current nightly, I haven't found any gold in any asteroid belt. Just rocks, and maybe a but of... Mud... ;)
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    We can always hope.

    And I meant it more in the way it looks. Sort of like this:
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    Honestly thoufh, it would definitely make the perfect setting for the novakids. And if they do plan on adding racial benefits, novakids surviving without atmosphere would be one thing (but drown fast in water), hylotl breathe water, and then maybe some other stuff for the other races.
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    Heard when Starbound first came out they were planning that Avian could fly, Glitch will take damage in the rain but have higher overall defense I think, Floran will regen health in the sunlight and I believe Apex will just naturally move faster than the others. You guessed Hylotl ability but the Novakid ability would had been giving out natural light. Though I guess there is no harm giving races more than one ability and weakness.

    As of right now it doesn't seem like the Devs care much about making each race more than a graphical choice, which I am fine with atm as the game need more content anyway but I do hope they go back and make X race worth playing.

    More on topic though I think TronNinja idea is an amazingly good one. Would make perfect sense and currently I never felt the need to go out in Asteroid Fields.
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  6. TronNinja

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    So I was looking over the forum and found this post:
    This is kinda what I was I imagining when I got the idea. Only with more slapstick construction, and more pipes and boilers. Link to the original post.

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