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  1. hamishxyz

    hamishxyz Aquatic Astronaut

    How do you fight the boss?

    -If you wander around the outpost you will find a novakid NPC, but he really is a bandit and he invites you to have some drinks with him in town but really he is gonna take all your pixels and mug you basically (well thats his plan), but you go to the location with so and so armour and fight him and the Ammonia gang, the novakid bandits are just the minions but the really boss is a giant gas worm.


    -You can get some western guns for the bandits, the boss drops one rare Gas gun and you can get a green gas gun with green gas, Blue gas gun with blue gas and Red gas gun with red gas

    -You should also be able to get the cowboy outfit in chests on the mission


    -The boss fight takes place in a classic western town, in the desert

    Boss spawn

    -The boss only spawns once you go though most of the bandits so near the end, the same as the first mission


    -Well, for the movement I was think something like the Magma worm (the risk of rain boss), and when it digs under the player an its about to come up, it should show digging particles (It should show the particles 0.80 seconds before the worm comes up)


    The dig attack is when it goes under ground for about 2.30 and then goes back down, (This is it most dangerous attack and its main

    -Gas vomit
    The Gas vomit attack is a when the worm vomits/breathes out gas (like the bird do in starbound), it's range is about 5-7 blocks.

    The Crunch attack is when the boss charges you on the ground

    Heres some concept art
    Worm art.png
    Starbound pp.png This Suggestion was done by hamishxyz:rofl::lickitung:[DOUBLEPOST=1436537074][/DOUBLEPOST]PLZ reply if you have another idea to add to the boss, I might add it too the post! :koala:
  2. Isaac Nova

    Isaac Nova Void-Bound Voyager

    Uh this needs a lot of work. First of all, a gas worm? Find a way for that to make sense. Second of all, Most boss missions are found at the outpost... So you're saying there should be a novakid at the outpost? Or would you just find this bandit place on a random planet? Third of all, It has to be a quest. You aren't able to follow a novakid, and they aren't gonna fool you and try to mug you.... The code of this game doesn't allow it... and finally, you need to think about what the bandits would look like, what their health and damage is, and if there is going to be a boss room, so you can't just run away from the gas worm... Think about all this and fix this..

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