WIP NPC BASE (Unfinished but not really!)

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    So with adding NPCs becoming way easier, I had the thought to create a base while working on my custom npc. This will make things easier for those who have a hard time editing and just want a easier time! For now I have female and will later make male! Here comes important notes!

    -Each character has unique custom animations (ex. Haley and her photography) It's usually 3 then there may be occasional unique sprites for heart event, for two of them I filled them in with npc reading a book (because my npc reads book often) however you can fill them in with whatever animation you please (It's easy I promise!)

    -I did the flower dance base but please don't ask me how to put them in, I'm mainly an artist, my coding is very basic.

    -This was made with the thought that you are using MissCoriel's NPC maker

    (Also if anyone can explain Animations descriptions that'd be great thank you!)

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      base.png Noticed the image was broken! Sorry!

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