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Bug/Issue NPC divided

Discussion in 'Support' started by Yolanda_Qingxu, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Yolanda_Qingxu

    Yolanda_Qingxu Star Wrangler

    Game version: newest steam version
    SMAPI version when bug happening: SMAPI.1.9-beta.12 (now i'm using beta 14)
    My problem:
    I have 2 Leah and 2 Haley in my game for days. One day I talk to them in front of Jodi's house and they suddenly divided.
    Image 002 (3).jpg
    Image 004 (2).jpg
    I'm not sure if it's a bug or due to my mods, but the situation still exist after I remove all of my mod.
    All mods I have: (some of them doesn't need to be put in the Mods content, such as SVPM/Save Editor,I did so because for me it's easy to find.)
    Image 001 (3).jpg
    I also upload my Save. This is the first time I looking for help in this forum, please tell me if more information are needed. I will be appreciate if you have any advice for me.

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    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

      I'm not sure why the game divided them.

      But, I have fixed the save for you. I removed the duplicate Leah, Haley, and I also found Caroline was duplicated; so I removed her double as well.
      It should all be good now, but if you have any other issues let me know.

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      • Yolanda_Qingxu

        Yolanda_Qingxu Star Wrangler

        WOW!!You are amazing!thank you! I will play very carefully this time!

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