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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by TheRoBoat, Jul 27, 2021.

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    Hi guys I'm doing my first mod right now and I'm currently editing the dialogs (for tenants, crewmembers, etcetera), and I'm trying to figure out how to write in for an NPC to say his/her name. I know it's possible because when an NPC wants to join your crew, sometimes (s)he'll say his/her name. My friend said he thought it might be %name%, but I wasn't sure. I tried looking the answer up, but I wasn't quite sure how to phrase my issue so I didn't really find anything. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I went and checked a few files in the /assets/packed/dialog folder and found out that you're looking for the "<selfname>" tag. just write that in the dialogue files where you want your NPC to say their own name like a pokemon :D.

    So I delved a bit further into some of the dialogue files to bring you this (in no way comprehensive) list of some of the available dialogue tags for use in creating NPCs and quests, although admittedly most of these do seem very quest oriented.

    • <selfname> - current NPC's own name
    • <entityname> - name of person speaking with current NPC
    • <gangName> - name of the gang the speaking NPC belongs to
    • <questGiver> - name of the NPC giving the player the current quest
    • <item> - name of the item currently involved in the dialogue
    • <receivedItems> - name of the items being delivered to an NPC via a quest
    • <givenItems> - name of the items being traded to an NPC via a quest
    • <gift> - name of a gift being given via a quest
    • <enemy> - name of the hostile to defeat in a quest
    • <object> - name of the object currently involved in the dialogue
    • <target> - name of the entity targetted by the current quest
    • <spawnPoint> - name of the quest location
    • <spawnPoint.direction> - name of the direction of the current quest location

    Also it seems that these dialogue keys have deeper properties, I found one example of finding the pronouns for an entity in game like this:
    <questGiver.pronoun.subject> =he/she/they or <target.pronoun.capitalSubject> = He/She/They
    I assume "questGiver" and "target" can be replaced with any other name referencing dialogue key
    <target.pronoun.possessive> = his/hers/theirs
    <target.pronoun.object> = him/her/them

    Hope this helps
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    Awesome! This is SUPER helpful! Thank you!

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