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    boss. Galactic Colossus divine. insane mode you can call almost anywhere but in heaven. for
    voodoo doll that should be the guide and find the altar of his suite, then craft a lure and you can call. challenge and guide dies and becomes the boss, and flies to you. boss is a giant and has 50 000 health and 80 protection hurts the body 50 damage. boss is like a large platform with four eyes, each one has its own character Red is more aggressive, more gentle feoletovy and rarely attacks, yellow, and thinks attacks in dosing errors player, blue logic and attack as intended. but it is rarely the main attack, he just looks like an attack comes. after serious injuries, they are separated and a more aggressive attack, as soon he is separated from all the main and starts attacking it's own phase 2.
    Phase 2. boss of the main eye is attacking itself, it shoots a beam of death that does 200 damage, it also begins to produce drones Malenko who also fired the laser and can kill if given hearts. well in advance if it do much damage it will split and will attack the boss as a command from the eyes. Then he begins to speed up the attack and more aggressive shoot. After winning you get 20 zeli without death. Armor of God. 10 zeli mirror and tungsten shield.

    boss. nucleus of the destroyer, the destroyer but the elder brother has a multi-faceted shape and rotates at the beginning of thisboss is attacking battering rams, missile-firing grenades are like 60 damage, and the probes as the destroyer and also give phase 2, he did not make a ramming spikes and starts spinning in the player also produces spikes in all directions after the roarand accelerates the attack. 3 phase, when his life is almost 1 then he turns on the self-destruct at this time, the player must quickly go to a safe distance unlessotherwise just as well stay the explosion will cause 300 damage after an explosive and a huge crater with a small amount of lava and a box of bricks there in a nutri when the wall of flesh many gifts.
    boss. 50 000 Health. 60 protection. 60 damage.

    "attention is not recommended to call its next s house. else will carry all 100 units.

    boss. The king of bogs. lives in jungle has 35000 health of 60 protection and puts the body 100damage. Will appear can as at the king of slugs or by means of a bait. He attacks the cannibals which are able to come off and fly on the player putting 100 damage. Also the monster can soon shoot the eyes the laser on the second phase it is divided on two parts and accelerates attack. We receive after a victory of 20 potions great the reservation of jungle and wood.
    The author Dr.elisey

    The deserted phantom. mini boss. It is possible to meet in different deserts. It has 20000 health and 80 protection. By the form reminds a statue. Each of them protects the desert. If it was possible to see it that it costs as a normal statue yet you will not answer it as old man. Each phantom has the abilities.
    The simple phantom attacks as skeletron. The dark phantom shoots the laser and is able teleport not to get a sword. The light phantom is able to shoot iridescent spheres and to do a board there where the player shoots not to get bullets.
    Gifts. 10 potions. With dark parts of a mace splinters. With light seeds анти damage and a force bracelet. Idle time gives casual subjects.

    Bio raptor. boss. a gift from the goblins, this robot has 50,000 health. 60 Health. 120 body damage.
    Bio raptor may appear with a mechanical lure or raptor after losing goblins in insane mode.
    the robot is very mobile and often uses a rocket pack and when the flies are also shot. his weapon is a gun dual raptor he shoots fire bullets missiles itself 100 damage. and if it shoots well as a sniper for 100% accuracy. bullet with the inhibition of raptor 80 damage. second gun is a radiator raptor 120 damage. He makes his sight and then shot like lightning with the explosion of 50 damage. more frequent as his weapon is a breath of raptor does a green flame thrower and does not run. the second phase of 20 000 health, he starts to fly frequently and throwing bombs like a bomber 200 damage.
    after his life has reached 0, it falls apart. then a box of metal in it presents. damn flamethrower.

    The sacred boss. The sacred boss lives in the sacred earths. To call it is necessary to make a bait sacred meal
    For a sacred star. Or to grasp it is a lot of souls of light as a bait too. The boss is similar to a star has 40000 health. The sacred star however attacks at once and lets out on 5 sacred probes. At attack it begins turns and to shoot "sacred death the laser" from all long feelers and then the player should to try to touch one of them differently 50 losses. Soon when his life becomes to 10000 health that it the death a star three laser "and then the player should to try to concern it absolutely differently will already shoot" super sacred will take away 200 lives. Also when his life already to 5000 it lets out all feelers already goes on attack. After his life will be reached by 0 it will disappear as wyvern. Gifts, a sacred pistol, 20 potions of the different. And the sacred reservation.

    The planetary aggressor. Has 60 000 health. 70 protection. 50 losses. The boss can be found in space or in the bloody moon. As the boss can arrive itself on a visit to you in the house. The planetary aggressor very skillful boss it considers the plan of attack and does it while its feelers attack the player. When he has thought up that does switching with a phase 1 to a phase 2 and back it is its unique ability to make that that the player doesn't know. At attack it can let out probes "the aggressor 500 health. 50 protection. 60 losses" its feelers too can be unhooked on a part and as behavior of probes to go to attack. Soon when his life already to 50000 that it starts to let out mines directed 200 losses explosion.
    It is then accelerated and begins to let out soldiers of robots with a rocket satchel have 500 health. 65 protection. 50 losses. When at it life has almost come to an end that it will try to escape it is necessary to "depart" at this time it to pursue to win.
    "Feelers 1. Shoot shock the laser" "Feelers 2. The fiery rocket" shoots
    Gifts. A probe the observer. The reservation a survival suit planetary. A cold gun. Star installation.

    a basilisk. Has 40 000 health. 80 protection. 60 damage a body. Possibilities of the boss of the robot much he is able to jump and use highly the hands For protection. He attacks mines which lets out also hands which else are able to shoot. The hand 1 shoots a photon the laser. The hand 2 guns double shoots casual shells. It can sometimes let out squall of rockets from the back they 60 losses and reject explosion. It then starts to go and try to crush And hands tries to catch to set fire fire and to throw.
    When its health has approached to 30000 that it starts to fly and shoot a hand as a shell which then back. The rest then repeats all but now quickly. We receive 1 platinum. Different iron. Probably to drop out an artifact.
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    Holy Wall of Text Batman!

    I tried to read this. I really did. It was just impossible.

    For one thing, there were too many grammar/spelling errors. Also, there's a massive wall of text, and most of the sentences didn't make sense.

    Did you originally make these for Terraria? Because most of the drops and stuff seem like they're Terraria-style.
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    originally was. but now the proposal for starbound.:oops:

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