One Instrument That Plays All Of The Pieces

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Would you like to see an item that lets you become a one-man band in Starbound?

  1. Yes, it's crucial for the instrument-playing feature.

  2. Yes, I suppose this would be good.

  3. No, this seems like a useless feature.

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  4. No, I think this idea is stupid.

  1. Brasswind the Bard

    Brasswind the Bard Void-Bound Voyager

    Starbound really needs an instrument that allows one player to singlehandedly play all pieces of a song. Whenever I make new .abc files with multiple parts, I can never play them properly in game alone, and that's no fun. For an example, take the Wanderlust songs. Most of them require multiple players... We need some way to become a one-man band. An instrument with that sort of capability would be best, but I suppose a hand-held jukebox or music player might work... as long as others could hear it like normal.
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