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    Stardew Valley has this amazing community that is caring and really supportive. It comes to my mind that Stardew Valley could serve as a way to express oneself, this game really encompass breadth of details (The options and what you and I love it for that.
    The one thing that usually become the problem with this kind of game (HM and alike) is that you will end up achieve everything. Now, to tackle that CA set up multiplayer system and add new content, and I really like the idea of multiplayer in this game.
    To take things further, I believe we can have a mode where we can go online and choose numbers of cities or villages or beach (Any kind actually). There could be city or village that is set up already. But the charm is on the capability for the community to set up some of their own.
    There would be people that will take care of the city they created and shape together with the fellow player that engaged on it (Have a huge farm, tons of fishing spot, very large and unique mine, wonders). The tricky part would be in making the platform so people can actually do that.
    To make this feature more significant then I believe it would be nice to allow players to settle in one of the city or village created (Build some personal space it could be a farm or even only a room like in inn or something). Then they will able to set up what they like and love. When a player is offline his or her character will be available there and available for other player to interact with (perhaps ability to setup route and schedule in these places?). I think it will give depth into each character and definitely make this game heavy on online side but I think its worth it. We allow people to collaborate in game and give way to really create something they are looking for.
    This idea is still very basic and perhaps a bit too much, still I love the tought of it.

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