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Online Quick-Play can not select commander

Discussion in 'Support' started by banty, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. banty

    banty Space Spelunker

    (First post. Love the game BTW. So much AdvWar nostalgia @.@ I look forward to Double Trouble)

    Online Quick-Play can not select commander in UI

    Nintendo Switch


    On roughly 40-50% of my online quick play matches the night of Jan 1st, when on the commander selection screen, pressing "A" to select a commander did not do anything. I am able to back out and return to game lobby with "B" though. I have a feeling the other player also encounters this simultaneously because they usually leave the entire match before I do. (The only work around I am aware of)

    I haven't been paying attention to what platform my opponent is running the game on. If I notice a pattern or better reproduction steps I will update the thread.

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