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(ONLY FOR SAME RACE) Easy way to change your color & style of hair, body, eye, etc. [ENG/CHN]

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Amare Toreano, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Amare Toreano

    Amare Toreano Void-Bound Voyager


    I have tried CENTURIES to find out how to! If you're currently regretting about how your character looks like (just as the same as me) you can have a try! ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

    Character files are all stored in (Where your steam installs)\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage\player. For me, it's
    I suggest you to backup this folder to somewhere else to make sure that you won't lose everything if you messed it up.

    The tool that must be used is Notepad++, which you can easily search and download. I haven't tried other applications yet, but what I'm sure is NOTEPAD in your system ISN'T A GOOD CHOICE FOR EDITING. You can try using it if you really have nothing else to do lol ( ‵▽′)ψ

    Now here is the process:

    Open the game and create a new character as you want. Notice that the race you choose must be the same as the one you want to change. Don't forget to give him/her a name that easily to remember, because it is a little bit important for searching. Once your setup is ready (like taking off clothes to make sure color/style things go as you want), quit the game and take the file you just created. Remember to open the file which stores the character you want to change. (I'll call it A)

    All player data is stored in a *.player file, and you can get the right one by open it up in Notepad++ then search (Ctrl+F) the name you've given. (I'll call it B )

    Leave those garbled codes alone. I know you're confused about them and I'm also confused lol. Here I'll use [] to mark the symbols in black background.

    Find the longest and the last line starting with "colorIndex" for both files. This line is normally (almost) at the end of the cod, so just drag the scroll bar to the bottom and go for it.

    In B, select from "identity" to "facialMaskGroup[ENQ][NUL][EOT]", then click Edit→Paste Special→Copy Binary Content. Now let's back to A, select the same as B, then click Edit→Paste Special→Paste Binary Content.

    Now back to B again, select from "facialHairDirectives[ENQ][NUL][SI]", which is behind “(Your character’s name/name given to the one used for changing style)” to "facialMaskType[ENQ][NUL][EOT]", which is at the front of "team[BEL][STX][EOT]". Do the same action I wrote upon.

    After all done, just save it.
    And now you should see your character is in new style. Congrats! φ(≧ω≦*)♪

    For why I don't recommend directly copy all this line......

    By copying without using Edit→Paste Special→Copy/Paste Binary Content (Like using copy & paste or Ctrl+C/V directly), or coping the whole line, will make your game don't read the file. In other words, Congratulations that you have to use your backup file to replace that.




    推荐使用Notepad++,因为系统自带的真心会毁掉你的存档,而且其他的我还没试过。当然你真的闲着没事干的话不妨可以试试用其他的软件来捣鼓下鸭( ‵▽′)ψ






    然后转到B,选中从“identity”到“facialMaskGroup[ENQ][NUL][EOT]”的一段,点“编辑(E)→选择性粘贴→复制二进制”。再转到A,选择上述片段,执行“编辑(E)→选择性粘贴→粘贴二进制”。如果不小心装了英文版的话,选“Edit→Paste Special→Copy(复制)/Paste(粘贴) Binary Content”。

    同理转到B,选中“(你给的名字/你要改的人物的名字)[DC4]”后面的从“facialHairDirectives[ENQ][NUL][SI]” 到在“team[BEL][STX][EOT]”之前的“facialMaskType[ENQ][NUL][EOT]”一段,重复上述操作。

    最后保存文件,打开游戏,万事OK。恭喜啦~ φ(≧ω≦*)♪


    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  2. sirguylittle

    sirguylittle Void-Bound Voyager

    There is a better way!

    In your Starbound\win32 folder there are two utility programs:

    A knowledge of using command line programs and/or batch files is necessary.

    Using a command like:
    [path]\dump_versioned_json.exe [path]\ea34b59a6bb9ab5c072b58098344e138.player [path]\ea34b59a6bb9ab5c072b58098344e138.json
    (where [path] is the location of the relevant files)
    will allow you to create a .json version of your .player file which is readable.
    You can then edit this file in a text editor more easily.

    When finished you need to run
    [path]\make_versioned_json.exe [path]\ea34b59a6bb9ab5c072b58098344e138.json [path]\ea34b59a6bb9ab5c072b58098344e138.player
    to create a new .player file from your edited version.
  3. Amare Toreano

    Amare Toreano Void-Bound Voyager

    So this is an easier way of the latest version of game... Thanks A LOT! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ
  4. CheekytheFox

    CheekytheFox Space Hobo

    I cant run the program on Windows 10, "This app can't run on your PC"
    How do I get around this? compatibility settings dont work I went down to windows XP and nothing. I also checked if I ran everything in administrator and that looked fine.
    any help?
  5. Amare Toreano

    Amare Toreano Void-Bound Voyager

    Sorry for long response, you have to open the direction of those two files, click shift + rmb select "open with powershell"
    type: cmd
    then follow the instructions above
    have fun!

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