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    one of the most interesting things in this game is that one of the largest monsters apart from the Ixodoom is the ancestor of one of the lamest monsters to be found at the start.

    the Ophidaunt supposedly was a top tier predator in the ocean, how did it become extinct is an enigma, but its landborne offspring is only a shadow of its former self.

    so i was thinking. this may be a bit lame suggestion, but with the addition of fishing in the game all the liquid based planets became a little bit more interesting. but there's still something i feel is lacking, which is having a water based boss.

    with the new mission mechanics we dont have boss summoning items anymore. but maybe we could get a sidequest in order to unlock the Ophidaunt mission by finding a one time fishing object, like a message in a bottle or something, which could give the coordinates to a new mission instance.

    the best reference i can get is that some scientists tried to revive an Ophidaunt for research purposes. this could be a Novakid mission if you want to add flavor, like say, a novakid saw the bones of the creature and thought "this should be cool" or something. (we also lack a Novakid mission, for obvious reasons).

    anyways, the revived Ophidaunt would challenge players since being on liquids makes dodging much more harder. it could be a Tier 6 to 8 class boss. and would require practice from being on liquids, liquid based pets could be a much needed help here.

    im not sure on mechanics, but i guess it should have a poison attack, maybe poison bubbles instead of poison shoot; swimming from one side to the other (much like how big fishes do). a melee claw attack and maybe a water siphoon hability which the player has to dodge by swimming up in the water.

    as for the rewards. well, it could be either a poison based weapon, like a poison watergun or a unique staff that imitates the water siphoon by provoking a moving whirlpool that keeps enemies in place while dishing damage or something like that.

    anyways, i think it would be a fitting idea for a post launch boss right now, the T-Rex could be another one, but i think that it would be a bit cliche, so the Ophidaunt seems much more interesting. specially due to the place where you have to fight it.

    thanks for watching.
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    Making it a Novakid mission would also go a long way to explain why would someone work out how to revive a top predator, but wouldn't put any security measures in case the predator is revived and turns out to be both very agressive AND very dangerous.

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