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    Hello there, Kersar here and just thinking of sharing some of my mind with all of you dear spacefarer's, so let's get to the thing on hand no?

    The monsters in the game looks and acts gerenic, the only thing that changes are if they walk, run, or fly(ETC...), if they use certain tipes of skill and simply if they are agressive or passive\friendly.

    So, why not give then some dept(improve)?

    Here's what i think the mobs can have or do:

    Monster pattern's: (normal)
    Why only agressive\passive? why not create an archive where monster acting pattern recides? you can make the generated monster(s) in a planet act based on that pattern, you suggest, why a monster with ranged attack goes close to you just to hit with melee if they can hit you from a distance? you could make them keep distance and attack at range, make then abble to defend thenselves(why only you can do that?), have engaging strategies, etc....

    Monster lore? (Normal)
    Well, it's not in the list because they're "Monsters", but... why not? make some vanila monsters with lore and spawn location's that normaly abitates a certain planet, and that place egg's or spawn more of it with 2 or more monsters(example: monster place monster egg, 1 day circle or more later it hatches as a small monster(or just from it's mother if not egg based) and grows to adult hood in some days, and are passive and flees away from you or to it's cave(when small))

    RPG based monster sistem? (Normal)
    Well, if you look to your spacefarer, it acts like a RPG char, but levels with a diferent metod(mining and missions[not so diferent eh?]), so why not put up a sistem just to the monsters? the spacefarers range from lvl 0 to 10, so why not monsters too? it can even help placing the above opinions\ideas to work too, and with it you could even manage to gender then, why they're "Just monsters"? why not "male" or "female" monsters? why not "live" and "procreate" in a certain area or cave? and why are they "just aberrations"?
    So, why not change it to the better?

    Egg\puppy steal(or taming, you word it :rofl:) (Normal)
    With the above sistem and male female diference, you could also put up the lost "pet slot" to work(why not?) you can make the "aberration's" puppy\egg yours, take care of then, bound with them and fight, explore, and breed them, so why not? the monsters gona have a full life circle(it's normal.... Right?....right???) or you can just tame one(adult). PS: don't foget to name it :rofl:.

    Monster age? (normal)
    Well... I did enter in that aspect, so why not? like all of our futuristic spacefarers that somehow never grows old(wonder why... :rofl: ) the monster that ins't intelligent like us spacefarers will be born, grow, and die naturaly(if you mind it), if you tamed or cared for a monster or egg, you can just make them age inmortal with a M.L.S.S (Monster.Life.Support.Sistem), that will help keep them alive and away of old age.

    Monster armour?
    If you have a monster pet with a M.L.S.S, why not give it some armour too? you can create and place\replace armour in your monster, because why can't a lvl 0 armored monster beat a lvl 10 one? i know there's many spacefarers that like certain tipe of monsters so why not give them armour and or evem level them up using a bio-tank and even give them new skills or abilities without changing how they look? (for the right resolces and price :) )

    Optional: Spacefarers age: (Permadeath mode) (need to build [the other modes don't need, it already exist{if opinion is used}])
    Well... Monsters can age, so why not the rest? but to keep this one down why not use the medical duo:
    The L.S.S and the S.M.P.
    The L.S.S or Life support sistem are a spacefarer implant that recides in the back(copright of Dead space(just the idea :rofl:)), conected to your spine that reads and mark your status(why the hell we can see a HUD without one?) and keep you away from old age too and can be sincronized with the S.M.P.
    The S.M.P or Sincronized Medical Pod is the backbone of all healing, resurection and body reconstruction, it is sincronized with your L.S.S and the M.L.S.S(monster pet one), that marks when all your vital functions cease and sends a bot to recuperate your body(or parts of it) and revive you, if no body exist(death by lava?) it's re-gestates your body in the pod rebuild's your L.S.S and when done let you leave.
    Simple and more game realistic ins't it?

    Aditional info:
    Don't forget that some of the ideas used can have it's own image or item. example: S.M.P: looks like a teleporter but with darker blue energy lines in it and a front glass showing your reconstruction(yes it's in the game not just a cinematic[I HOPE, can't i?]).

    Suit's: (Normal)
    It's not related to the mobs but i'll say it anyway.
    The current game suit's are tech based and don't apear, ins't it strange? so why not make it an armour?
    You could change the 6 slot sistem(armour\vanity) to the 9 slot sistem(suit\armour\vanity), because, in the advanced future of the spacefarers why use roman armour if it's not air tight? :)rofl:), so here's a opinion in the sistem:
    9 slot sistem ( Suit | Armour | Vanity )

    The suit slot: it's like the tech suit's, but made to work like a avaly EVA suit, it's air tight and depending of what Mark tipe (Yes, it's divided) you can go to diferent planets. (yes credit to it's race developer)

    Mark sistem: yes, it's simple, Mark 1 EVA's are ambient relevant (one for cold, one for heat, etc..), but as the mark increases it get better. ex: Mark 2 (Cold and radiation protection), it's based on tech suit progression to upgrade old EVA's to the next Mark (always need the old EVA Mark suit to upgrade to the next.)

    The armour slot: It's more of a PLATE slot (avaly credit too mind ya.) why use a roman armour to upgrade your defence in a spacefaring era if your EVA suit have a "Plate" atachment mod? yes, you can have a iron plate atached to your eva suit and can upgrade it to a better material :rofl:.

    The vanity slot: It's like the name suggest, a slot where you place your casual clotes. Why always have the EVA look if you can just look like a normal citizen even with your EVA suit?

    and a lot of other sugestions that i don't remember.
    Thanks for your time, sorry for offences, and don't kill me for the bad english :rofl:, opinions and sugestions are always welcome.

    PS: it may increase the game sistem requeriments but it may be worth it :)
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