Optional Hunger / Thirst Bar + Others

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    Optional Hunger / Thirst
    As I was playing today and looking at the energy bar, I wondered, I get that it's basically fatigue, but what about hunger and thirst then? You're on a farm growing massive amounts of produce and making tons of other edible goods, why not save some for your self and whip up a meal or drink when you need it? It would make food more useful other than the bonus towards skill stats. Of course, not every one likes having an extra bar to look at, telling them their character is hungry, so that's why it could be an optional feature, maybe a hardcore mode setting perhaps.

    Use-able Furniture
    As for the furniture: so many chairs and benches but no where to sit. In game I understand you're constantly on the go and rarely have time to stop and just "hang out" but wasn't the point of moving into this valley to remove your self from corporate life and just...live life? Why not take a break once and awhile? It's not completely needed but then why give the option to add more chairs? They're the only things sitting anywhere, I mean aside from the casual book readers, not fair man!

    More Villager Interactions
    I feel like interaction with villagers is pretty limited. To reference a game I'd played recently, in Rune Factory, when you woo'd the person you wanted to marry enough, they'd start making short trips to your farm and if I remember correctly, would even announce their presence? I might be thinking of another game but having for example, Abgail visit my farm and shout, "Anyone home?" and have her ask if she could stay for awhile upon talking to her to have her start walking around my farm would be quite nice.

    Adding on to that, dates? I'm slightly surprised in that the theoretical way to win someone's heart is by giving them multiple gifts (2 a week) and talking to them once or twice a day and on a rare occasion 3 times, then turning and leaving is still a thing. Possibly being able to ask someone if they're free to just follow you around for a bit or maybe select somewhere to hang for awhile would be interesting.

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