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    Background: The Orcatish are non-hostile mobs unless attacked. As they silently hang on their flower, it is very hard to notice these beautiful creatures. Upon the myths and legends, they can be increasingly annoying at some times, pulling pranks, throwing voices, tickling from behind.

    Information: Upon attacked, the Orcatish fight upon groups, when in groups, a total of them have 100 HP. But when a Orcatish is alone, it only has 10 HP. Since one of their traits are to be annoying, they can be directed to follow you until you pass a certain biome.

    Drops: A random small-medium amount of Pixels (stolen from travelers) and a Orcatish petal, where you can use the petal to repel the Orcatish.

    Inspiration: The idea I got from these flower-like people is that I was searching through the web, when I found this incredible species of flowers. Called orcish italica. It's a pink flower, with petals that look like tiny people. So then I thought, why not Starbound? So since I suck at spriting, just look at the attached images and think of it as a mob in Starbound. (Forget the weenie between their legs, just keep it PG-13)

    Types of Orcatish:

    Lava: These can be found near planets filled with magma and cooled and hard obsidian. They survive by absorbing the extreme heat of the lava. Their HP is 200 in groups, and 20 in a single Orcatish.

    Water: The water Orcatish can blend in as normal fish, but their only flaw is that they glitter in the dark. They are known to trick sailors into making their shadow the shape of a mermaid and swimming to the edge of their boat. Their HP is 250 in groups and 25 when alone.

    Leaf: (Described at the start) -Idea by Lexuh-

    I will give you a big hug if you can sprite one for me! Thanks :)

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    Awesome, I'd love to be followed by these little buggers. Reminds me of that little sprite/fairy thing from the spiderwick chronicles.
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    Thanks! Just give me feedback if you want anything, changed :D
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    Great idea! It would be funny to run into one of these and have them trick you or steal some of your pixels. (it would be cool if they could do this) They would be great pets too because they could run around and annoy the crap out of enemies and npcs :D.
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    Hmm, I think it would be more likely to just steal atleast only one Pixel, when you go AFK the highest amount they can steal is up to 25 pixels.
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    That's a nice idea, I probably edit that in.

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