Order of Housing Upgrade Penalizes Childfree Artisans

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    Hello all,

    I know it's a big ask, but I would greatly appreciate the consideration of making the cellar upgrade option come BEFORE the one that gives you the extra rooms which includes the MANDATORY children's room.

    I'm an Artisan by profession, so why should I have to prioritize building a children's room addition before building a cellar? Additionally, how does it make sense to penalize my profession progression (unlocking iridium wines and cheeses) based on if I had previously added a children's room or not?

    I'm in year 4 and though I've given bouquets and am at 10 hearts with everyone, I've refused to marry anyone because of this - because I wanted my cellar to complete my Artisan profession, I will also be pressured by my spouse to have children (that I don't want).

    I'm childfree in real life out of necessity and by choice - I have a hereditary disorder that I refuse to pass on because I feel it would be irresponsible - and at this point, even in a game, I don't want to have children.

    We have people who struggle with alcoholism, who have PTSD, who suffer from depression, who may be in unhappy marriages, who are having affairs, and who have stalkers, but we can't have childfree marriages?

    Additionally, even if I were to have children, I would personally prioritize getting my career in order to get my family into the best position possible before adding a child.

    All that said, especially as an Artisan, building a cellar to age wine and cheese shouldn't have to come with "BUT FIRST be able to have children".

    By building my cellar, the choice to prevent pressuring to have children was taken away from me (by not expanding the house) and to me as an Artisan, this is not fair.

    Thanks in advance for any consideration.
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      Honestly I completely agree with this, when I looked up house upgrades I was so damn confused. I don't think I want children too, they kinda seem useless and just stay in their baby state forever.

      As a new player though I have a question. If your partner pressures you for a child, are you forced to say yes? And if not does saying no negatively impact the relationship?? Ahhh it'd be so cool if they gave the characters depth by making some of them not want children or be neutral on the subject!
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        Sorry to comment after a couple years.

        After you get the nursery, you can go back to Robin's and have her remove the crib (I think you have to also build the cellar before you get this option). If you remove the crib, I believe your spouse will not ask if you want kids. It can be added again if wanted.

        When your spouse asks if you want kids, you can say "yes" or "not now." As far as I know, saying not now doesn't negatively affect your relationship.

        My current farmer isn't married, so I removed the crib and the extra beds and put a bunch of kegs in the nursery. It's a good upgrade in general because you get a lot more room in the house, not just a nursery.
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