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Feedback Out of the loop

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Zen Master, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Zen Master

    Zen Master Phantasmal Quasar

    I've just come back to the game a few days ago can anyone tell me where Starbound stands at the moment? I read through a lot of the blog posts I missed and the overall tone I'm getting from it is that they'll be packing up and moving on soon. Which I'm hoping is not the case, I don't mean to be rude but the game needs a little bit more polish before you hang up your hat and call it a day.

    a couple things off the top of my head is that allies and enemy characters alike cant move underwater. Also there are some multiplayer issues where side quests have the potential to break if your friends help you complete them.

    Some good notes though, two thumbs way, way up for the bosses . The Glitch, Apex, and Final Mission in particular. The Final boss does a good job of incorporating the core mechanics of the game and is a satisfying experience. only criticism I can give is that
    the ending isn't as impactful when you already die all the time and come back, It's something that I cant really give you a suggestion on, yes I know there is perma-death mode but the game progression doesn't allow you to get back into the game quickly enough to try again in that instance.

    hercules-hades-2-thumbs-up.png I also feel that the games progression has been reined in a bit. The mechanics have been tweaked and I find myself savoring the planets I go to more.

    Lastly, Some things I'd like to know the answer to if anybody has them; are they planning on doing anything more with multiplayer before they move on? Anything on PvP in general?
    The glitch mission was all I"ve ever wanted out of this game and would like to see out of multiplayer at some point.

    Are they planning on diversifying the races with any in game mechanics? It would be nice if choosing a race had impact on the game experience.

    [Edit] Also are the Nova Kids set to become relevant at some point? Right now they have no impact on anything and seem kind of shoehorned in.
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  2. Inf_Wolf14

    Inf_Wolf14 Parsec Taste Tester

    Well, I can point out that they are not actually packing up to move to the next project.

    True, Dev Blog updates have slowed down dramatically, however, that doesn't reflect an absolute stop.
    Some of the team has already stated that 1.0 was only a milestone and not the team's end-goal; So I would expect much, much more to come in the future.

    (It's more fruitful to follow other outlets of info besides this forum such as Tiy's twitter or other places if you haven't already. :))
  3. Zen Master

    Zen Master Phantasmal Quasar

    I see, and thank goodness! I was afraid the 1.0 release would be the end of large scale overhauls to the game.
  4. Inf_Wolf14

    Inf_Wolf14 Parsec Taste Tester

    1.0 in development processes usually means they've hit a point where the core engine is tuned to a level acceptable for release.
    For SB, it also marks a point where players should not need to wipe their universe and characters any more between updates.

    However, I wouldn't expect too many, if any, overhauls to the core mechanics. Changes, yes. But overhauls, I don't think they have plans to make any changes of that scale if they only just released the full product. (At least, not for a while.)
  5. Zen Master

    Zen Master Phantasmal Quasar

    Hm, Don't know if I should still hold out hope for ship combat, or dynamic pvp with possible base capturing in destructible environments. Right now multiplayer is kind of this vestigial growth on Starbound and would need a ton of work and balancing to get to that level, at least in my uneducated thought on the subject. I WANT TO "SALT THE EARTH" DANG GUMMIT.
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  6. Inf_Wolf14

    Inf_Wolf14 Parsec Taste Tester

    Ship combat I wouldn't put much stock into. That idea's been floating around since early beta. It may or may not be easy to do, i'm not sure, that's only something CF can decide.

    I like the idea for dynamic PvP. I also think that is perfectly possible within the scope of the current game's engine.

    (Consider the "tower-defense" mission we had for the Glitch artifact.
    I think something like capture flag/base capture is quite feasible.)

    But hey, you can always suggest and promote an idea to the Devs. Even if it isn't currently possible, they may like it enough that they would work to implementing it. Anything is possible friend. :)
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