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Bug/Issue Overseas Lag

Discussion in 'Support' started by tega, May 8, 2018.

  1. tega

    tega Space Hobo

    I live in the UK and am attempting to join a farm with my friends in America.

    I have played multiple other multiplayer games with them, a lot of the time they are hosting the games on a P2P network, and I have absolutely no trouble with lag or disconnects, this includes Starbound.

    Unfortunately no matter which one of them hosts I will always be lagging to a degree, sometimes this is fine, the delay is maybe around 1 or 2 seconds.

    However sometimes the lag is simply unplayable, I will be mining or chopping down tree's on the farm and everyone will just see my character doing nothing but standing there.
    About a minute later or more (usually more) my character might suddenly become incredibly fast and do all the actions I had just done in seconds, usually creating duplicates of the items I had just mined/farmed and the noise of about 20 stones being broken in a second. When going to a different area I might get stuck on the loading screen forever or for about a minute before I load in. When everyone goes to bed it will show that 4/4 players are in bed but will show 3/4 for the others and this sometimes causes my character to blackout due to how long it takes to register. I've tried hosting the game as well and have experienced the same issue reversed so I could see my friend having the same issues I did but he would also see me still having the same issues I would have if he hosted.

    I have disabled all of my antivirus programs and closed any programs that may be using bandwidth while playing as well but this makes no difference (I have never had to do this in any of the other games we've played).

    Is there anything else I can try?

    I understand this is still beta and am reporting my problem hoping that this will be fixed in the future as I cannot see this as a problem with my connection (due to the aforementioned other games that I have played with my friends).

    Please let me know if you require any evidence/save files etc to help with this.

    Many Thanks.

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