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RELEASED Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. matthew57778

    matthew57778 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    The midnight was not a issue but my universe.chunks file in storage folder i was using was corrupted or damaged by mod installations or uninstallations.
  2. NeoslayerX

    NeoslayerX Big Damn Hero

    Very very juicy indeed.

    I have a suggestion. A book you can craft (diamond and some paper, huh?)
    A beastiary that shows the monsters you've encountered, the name, the variant (only ones you've killed)
    Perhaps a rare variant (Like a pop top with spikes or a golden erchius ghost that drops Popsicles)
    But that seems like a bit TOO much.
    Ok bye now love the mod so far, keep it up.
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  3. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Hey! Thanks for the reply.

    I have been planning on making a beastiary of vanilla monsters at some point. It just takes quite a bit to round up some decent descriptions for em and what not. Probably wouldn't be able to do for variant though.

    Rare variants, are currently not possible. All of em are random, and I don't have any way to influence what variations the game favors more than others (Without straight up putting the variant on a separate monster.. and that would indeed become too much. :rofl:)
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  4. NeoslayerX

    NeoslayerX Big Damn Hero

    I would like to make descriptions but I don't know much "lore" about monsters or even Starbound itself. (Do the monsters even have lore?)

    I installed a bunch of mods and just fool around killing monsters and putting the loot in my chests.

    It's honestly probably because I'm overwhelmed.
  5. NeoslayerX

    NeoslayerX Big Damn Hero

    Hmm, lemme think.
    If you were to make the beastiary, adding the variants found for that monster in my opinion wouldn't be too difficult, would it? Maybe like an arrow or something that shows them doin' their walking animation or something, the locked ones mean you haven't killed 'em yet so it's just a silhouette of the variant. Idk
  6. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Monsters do have little bits of information in their descriptions, but that's about it. Anything else is pure speculation really
  7. NeoslayerX

    NeoslayerX Big Damn Hero

    Maybe an altered version of the aforementioned description could be there.
    Perhaps the drops that the monster has could be included as well. Maybe even a recently found randomly generated monsters section too!!

    I'm going too off again, I know that's hard and very near impossible, sorry..

    Also we double-posted :p
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  8. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar


    Well this sort of stuff is usually on the backburner to new variants and new uniques. Still have a few folders to go through variant wise, and I have a whole new monster family in the concept stages!
  9. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    ManicRykker updated Pandora's Box with a new update entry:

    Pandora's Box V2.1

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  10. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

  11. AdvanceVX

    AdvanceVX Space Hobo

    My game crashes upon start up when using this mod. I only see the chucklefish logo before the game closes itself.
    Is there a way to fix this?
  12. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Well to start, I'll need to see your starbound.log of the incident. (/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Starbound/Storage usually. Starbound.log, not the numbered ones, as those are past logs)

    paste that into a pastebin and I can have a look... sorry for the rather late reply. I can have a look at it tomorrow since it's rather late for me.... sorry >_<

    (Edit: I will really need this, as the mod works fine on my end... so it could be anything from an incompatibility, to the shenanigans of another mod entirely)
  13. AdvanceVX

    AdvanceVX Space Hobo

    Here you go, boi do I love timezones

    Attached Files:

  14. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Heh, I know whatcha mean. Most of the other day I was working on implementing some new variations for the mod. I usually check this stuff every few hours, so maybe it could have also just slipped through the cracks? lol :rofl:

    Anyway... checking your error, it's rather peculiar. It's saying the animation file for one of my objects doesn't exist, even though it definitely does... File path is right and everything.

    Might try tackling it with a different method (this is still peculiar to me, as this crash doesn't occur on my end...)
  15. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Also, I'm noticing a line here:

    [20:15:59.802] [Info] Root: Detected unnamed asset source at '..\mods\Pandoras-Box V2.1'

    You didn't happen to throw the entire extracted folder into the mods folder, did you? All that's needed to be placed in the mods folder, is the folder inside "UNPACKED PANDORA'S BOX ASSETS" (Named simply "Pandoras-Box")

    (I might adjust the filestructure a bit to make that more apparent... the folder was in a folder as I previously included a pak file in there too, but the filesize just got to large for competent downloading)
  16. AdvanceVX

    AdvanceVX Space Hobo

    Well that explains the problem, I did throw the entire map in the mods map. :facepalm:

    My apologies for the inconvience. And thank you for clearing this up.
  17. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Not at all! Simple mistake. I'll probably be making my animation adjustment anyway...

    The method it was using was kind of redundant anyway, so I guess this did something!
  18. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    ManicRykker updated Pandora's Box with a new update entry:

    Pandora's Box V2.2

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. NeoslayerX

    NeoslayerX Big Damn Hero

  20. ManicRykker

    ManicRykker Phantasmal Quasar

    Ok, time for a little status report:

    The next update is going to be awhile.. Got some stuff in the works that I simply can't rush or anything. Here's what you can expect in the future update though:

    -Variations for the flying monsters (This "generally" completes the variant list for vanilla monsters... there may be a few stragglers, but I can tackle those at any point.)
    -A re-do of the variations for poptops and Adult Poptops. (I felt they were a little lacking. The Albino Poptop variant, Albino Adult Poptop, and Chocolate Adult Poptop will remain. Generally however, this means these monsters will reroll the variant they use when the update hits.... sorry once again >_<)
    -Pandora's Box will be getting some adjustments. I plan on increasing the level floor from 3 to 6 (Meaning monsters that spawn from it will be between levels 6 and 9.). I will also be adjusting how it is obtained, for.... various reasons.

    Well that's all the info you're getting for now. See ya later!

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