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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Amarth, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Amarth

    Amarth Industrial Terraformer

    :poptop: Parasect

    :zombie: Insidiousect

    A small flea like creature leaps around the environments searching for victims
    Once a host is spotted it pounces onto the Player,

    Once this Insidiousect has a hold of you things get perilous, it will totally take over your motor skills, driving your character into hazards, cliffs, lava, water, other mobs.
    Doing whatever it takes to make you meet a grizzly end.

    Kind of like the Jockey in “Left for dead 2” or the maggots in “LIMBO”

    Other players can try swatting it off you, but they are not safe either, the Insidousect will force you to attack your allies as well.

    I was thinking in order to identify an infected ally the Insidousect could be visible, attached to your head or back, or for a clearer indication maybe your color could change to a light green opacity.

    Anyways anyone with an add-on suggestion or critique is welcome.

    Food for thought.
  2. lilpeter101

    lilpeter101 Star Wrangler

    I don't think that it should take over the control of your character as soon as they catch on to you, but instead when you approach another player or a mob, they will then take action and kill you via the mob or attack the other player.
  3. Amarth

    Amarth Industrial Terraformer

    Interesting view.

    Hidden enemy within.

    You never know when the infection will strike!
  4. Arkax

    Arkax Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    That's a great idea but
    Parasect isn't a pokemon?

    hmmm... it will be good to make zombies or a survival horror gameplay
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  5. lilpeter101

    lilpeter101 Star Wrangler

    Exactly :D
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  6. Oricalcum

    Oricalcum Ketchup Robot

    I thought this was about adding this and almost died.
    Seems a little OP...
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  7. Chittebengo

    Chittebengo Void-Bound Voyager

    I love Jockey parasites, definitely, but would need a different name for it. Heck, Jockey Bug wouldn't be bad at all.
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  8. Admittedly, I also thought of the Pokemon of the same name. ^^;

    Being forced to attack allies feels a tad overboard, however. Perhaps 'shaking it off' via button mashing would suffice as a way to remove it?
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  9. Amarth

    Amarth Industrial Terraformer

    Lol, sorry i don't follow pokemon, i didn't know there was a Pokemon called Parasect. :facepalm:

    thanks for the heads up, i didn't want to confuse people!

    Thanks for the feedback as well.
  10. Amarth

    Amarth Industrial Terraformer

    Renamed them to : Insidiousect

    insidious - insect X3
  11. lilpeter101

    lilpeter101 Star Wrangler

    I guess being forced to attack allies is kinda scary, maybe allies can knock it off you by giving you a friendly thwack? Button mashing would kinda be tedious, and make the game feel boring. Not know if the thing is on you adds kind of a paranoid feeling which can help add suspense to the game.
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  12. Kint

    Kint Star Wrangler

    Love this idea.:geek: I don't think anyone else has mentioned this (too lazy too read all of the comments :p), and since it wasn't covered in the main post either, I would like to ask how you would get an Insidiousect off of yourself, if your not playing with anyone else?

    EDIT: Just read the couple of posts above me, and I agree with Dragonith, in that simple button mashing would probably be a convenient and acceptable method of removing them.
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  13. Kirby64

    Kirby64 Space Kumquat

  14. Amarth

    Amarth Industrial Terraformer

    Haha well spotted! I shall adjust
  15. Lesur_Adnelah

    Lesur_Adnelah Void-Bound Voyager

    I think this is a great idea.
    As for getting rid of it, maybe using a bug repellant? or maybe having to jump in some water?
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  16. lilpeter101

    lilpeter101 Star Wrangler

    I think that's a great idea, maybe also you still won't know if the bug is on you or not.
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  17. Lesur_Adnelah

    Lesur_Adnelah Void-Bound Voyager

    True, but thats where the Bug repellant comes in, you use that before you leave to keep them away.
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  18. LuckyLizard

    LuckyLizard Void-Bound Voyager

    How long would the bug repellant last though? What if the effects were random for all the effects mentioned? Could make it less predictable.
  19. Lesur_Adnelah

    Lesur_Adnelah Void-Bound Voyager

    It could maybe last 5 minutes and maybe you can only use it once every 7, like a 7-minute cooldown.
    Like potion-sickness in Terraria.
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  20. LuckyLizard

    LuckyLizard Void-Bound Voyager

    Ohhh, that would good. Maybe it could be like a cloud-ish effect, like when you use the repellant it allows works on party members so far away from you.
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