Patch 1.05 Notes (Spoilers!)

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    Haven't seen anyone posting patch notes here, thought it might be useful for anyone that checks this forum more frequently than other potential sources. Credit goes to the reddit thread and /u/Dudedafool for putting notes up every time.This will contain some spoilers and due to the formatting limitations of the forum, I'm inclined to mask the entire text for each spoiler. If you haven't played a decent chunk of the game, just skip over these ones, they won't affect you right now. Read on at your own peril.

    Here goes:

    • Restored a "Lost" Shane event.
    • Added a zoom in/out feature to the options tab.
    • Added volume sliders for ambient sounds and footstep sounds.
    • Added snow transparency slider.
    • Added option to turn off flash effects.
    • Added lighting quality option.
    • Leah's schedule has been fixed.
    • Spouses who have jobs won't get stuck in the bus area anymore.
    • Upgrading a house with crafted flooring should no longer cause a mess.
    • Added quest (Rat Problem) to make it clearer that you have to investigate the Community Center.
    • Restored more advanced NPC end-point behavior. (Sometimes NPCs move randomly within a rectangular area when they reach their schedule endpoints, was a feature that was removed last minute due to bugs but now is believe to be fixed. One example is Emily, when working at the saloon, moving back and forth in front of the cabinet.)
    • "Secret" NPC's should no longer show up on calendar until you meet them.
    • Escargot, chowder, etc. should now properly give fishing buff.
    • Fixed issue with invisible trees preventing interaction with tiles.
    • Dead flowers no longer affect honey.
    • You can now dance with your spouse at the Flower Dance.
    • Game should now properly pause when steam overlay is active.
    • Fixed issue where inactive window was still responding to input.
    • Fixed fertilizer prices in Pierre's shop.
    • You can now press the toolbar shortcut keys (1,2,3, etc. by default) to change the active slot while the inventory menu is up.
    • Iron ore nodes can no longer be removed, only destroyed.
    • Dog should no longer sit on chests.
    • Spouses less likely to run away into the dark abyss.
    • Naming your child after an NPC should no longer cause issues.
    • Fixed issue where recipes would sometimes consume more ingredients than they should.
    • Fixed crashes in certain cutscenes, when certain dialogue options were chosen.
    • Many small bug and typo fixes.
    • Changed earthquake to Summer 3rd... to make it clear that it's the season change that kills crops.
    • Increased opportunities for iridium. The chance to find iridium in the skull caves increases significantly every ten levels.
    • Fixed Fector's Challenge.
    • You now REALLY cannot pass the bouncer.
    • You can no longer get stuck trying to board the bus.
    • Year 3 Spoilers:
      Grandpa's no longer mentions "great honors", and his dialogue is a lot softer. If he's already visited you, check his shrine for a more chances at grading
    • Sevidra

      Sevidra Existential Complex

      Dog should no longer sit on chests.

      Oh oh oh oh oh I'm soooo happy about this. Dumb dog spent most of his sleeping time on my harvest box. I was constantly having to kick him to get him to move. *cackle*

      Spouses less likely to run away into the dark abyss.

      Hahaha Lanx, you see that? Maybe now you can keep your silly wife at home more often!

      Many small bug and typo fixes.

      I have to admit, I got a kick out of Gunther calling himself "Guther" when he sent you that note.... >.>

      Thanks for posting this. I may have insomnia, but I hadn't noticed the queue'd update til I saw the post haha
      • Thorin

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        Thanks for posting the update.
        • Jagore

          Jagore Big Damn Hero

          Tested the Sebastian bug, still broke. :p

          Glad to hear grandpa is less of a jerk though.
          • JKthree

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          • Xylia

            Xylia Tiy's Beard

            @JKthree :

            So how do you...

            light all 4 candles

            Wiki has pretty much absolutely nothing about those candles or how grading even works, or what-not.
            • meatpardle

              meatpardle Star Wrangler

            • meatpardle

              meatpardle Star Wrangler

              What does this mean? What was wrong with it? I knew exactly when to accidentally bump into her in Pierre's, or just happen to be fishing outside her house when she was leaving , or what time she got to the pub every weekend.
              • Xylia

                Xylia Tiy's Beard

                So THAT's where they stuck it.

                Is it just me, or are some places of that wiki organized not very well? Things not being where you think they should be, etc. Attempting to look up an item takes you to a giant list that contains that item, etc...

                EDIT: Oi... so basically, something that's nearly impossible to do (because it all-but requires the Museum Artifacts achievement and it's horrible RNG stuff).

                EDIT2: Actually it does require the Museum achievement, because there's no way to get to 12 without it.
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                • Cider

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                  Glad someone put the changelog on here, in fact I'd say we need an official thread with all the patch notes on the forums here.

                  I'm testing 1.05 and with that list I'd only hit 3 candles with eight points, I managed to get 4 candles so I'm guessing the way to get candles has been changed or there are more things you can do to earn points

                  So as of 1.05 CA definitely changed it
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                  • Lanx12

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                    HA ! lol About time...X3
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                    • Xylia

                      Xylia Tiy's Beard

                      Oh, well that's awesome! Thanks for clarifying that!
                      • Marak

                        Marak Big Damn Hero

                        I was hoping for some additions to married life (beyond a fix to keep Abby out of the Black Abyss at bedtime) as it's bare-bones in the extreme right now, which (for me) clashes horribly with how deep and well-realized the rest of the game is. Oh well, can't have everything, I suppose. :(
                        • Afterscore

                          Afterscore Weight of the Sky

                          It's only been just over a week since launch. We won't be getting anything like that for a while, all these patches are mainly just bug fixes and small changes to the game.
                          • Xylia

                            Xylia Tiy's Beard


                            CA wants to make sure the game is balanced well, bugs are fixed, exploits have been patched over before he sets out to work on additions. It seems to me that marriage (and having kids) will very likely be one of the first things he takes a look at, as it is possibly the most egregious example of something that seems "unfinished" (though there are things like panning that could use a little love, but marriage is far worse).
                            • Marak

                              Marak Big Damn Hero

                              I'd be happy just with a few dialogue options. For instance, 3 days after I married Abby, Pierre told me that if I wanted her to hate me, I should give her some Clay. Caroline still talks about how she wishes Abby would spend less time in her room. Their grandson has never been mentioned. No one asks about getting together for holidays.

                              I understand this would only apply to certain characters, but it's really jarring that Abby never talks about her parents and her parents are in denial that she got married and left the house.

                              It's little stuff like that that I'm hoping will get tweaked sooner rather than later, but I know it's just a pipe dream and I'm sure CA has a HUGE list of stuff he wants to finish up that's more important/content rich than "make married life dialogue more robust".
                              • Lanx12

                                Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

                                Well Isn't that a normal disfunctional family ? I mean Abby and her mom fought alot and she seemed to have a really bad dislike for her parents? Tho I'm excited to see what new stuff will be added with fixes and balancing is done.
                                • Marak

                                  Marak Big Damn Hero

                                  Funny, i never got the impression that Abby and her mom fought, Caroline is just a typical mom in that she was fussing over things like Abby dying her hair and playing too much Chrono Trigger and not enough going out and "getting some fresh air".

                                  Ironically, if you stalk Abby, you'll find that her programmed schedule has her out of the house about 75% of the time, and she literally only goes into her room to sleep at night. Another unfortunate example of game mechanics clashing with character dialogue, I suppose.
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                                  • Lanx12

                                    Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

                                    Mehhhh Chrono trigger X3 you found that easter egg huh :p
                                    • oath2order

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                                      So you can give a diamond for evaluation continuing...good

                                      It's quite the work in progress, but it has most of the information that you need.

                                      Previously before I redirected all the info to the lists, when you would search "Smallmouth Bass" for example, it wouldn't lead you to the fishing page at all!

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