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    Cenulaccus piscis ("Snack Bag Fish")
    A stingless species, Pebejellies are domesticated for food and product by the Gillian race.

    These gelatinous invertebrates get their name from their edible innards, a jelly-like cream substance seen through their translucent bodies. Males are denoted by their brightly colored innards, while females have dull, earthly colored innards. The males use this coloring to attract females during the breeding season, which is both brief and direct.

    As a product, the Gillian race uses all of the creature, making nothing go to waste. The innards, as previously stated, are a delicacy and are used in dishes both as a main course and a spreadable extract. The older the Pebejelly, the richer the taste. Males tend to have a more sweet taste while females have a more creamy and smooth texture. Their bodies, while delicate, are used as a carrying bag for portable storage.

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    Believe me, this has nothing to do with the fact that there's currently a PBJ sandwich in General Discussion lol.

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    You should put a hyperlink on the Gillian bit,
    How about a stronger mixed pebejelly with a mix of brown and maroon or like a side each?
  4. A very entertaining idea. I'd definitely want to keep a couple in my base, both for food, and because they look interesting.
  5. qazxcwe

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    I need a giant tank in the background filled with these!
  6. DNAY!

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    Jellyfish that make edible goo.....
    Why do i recognise that?
    oh!!! I know!!!
    :iswydt: I see what you did there!!
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    You just don't stop do you.
    " monster."
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    lol, I love these.
  9. Ah...surprised I didn't include it earlier. ^^;

    Something like this?
    Definitely. Will do that when I get to the sprites.~
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    I love sea creature aliens! Great job!
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    Hah, nice job with the sea creatures! :D
    Thought I'd just whip up a qucik sprite. Somebody could probably do a bit better:
  12. Oh hey thanks! I am however going to make sprites for the creatures I made myself. ^^;
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    Took me some time to see what you where doing until i reached the part about the different textures of the innards:rofl:!
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    whelp...I'M ON BOARD! with this idea
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    Fits perfectly with the whole feel of the game, I would love to see this kind of thing (along with the Gillians, of course ;o)
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    Amazing sprites as always. The first one looks like it has a brain instead of jelly.:D
  17. It's actually a Peanut Butter & Jelly blend lol (see image above). Thanks! xD
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    I just... wow. Rock on man, rock on.
  19. OMNOMNOMNOMamazingNOMNOMNOM:V:cookie:

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