Penny and the winemaker

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    I have a moral/rp quandry. I married Penny and now I don't know if I should make wine, given her hatred of alcohol. I guess its not like I'm making her mom's preferred beer, but it makes me feel a tad bad that Penny left her drunk mom to marry her mom's supplier. What do y'all think?
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      If it keeps Penny in the high-roller lifestyle she was wanting to be in (being 'saved' from the low class/trailer park lifestyle), then she can just turn a blind eye. :catnod:
      No, I haven't just watched Breaking Bad.... haha
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        The way I see it, Penny should have been aware that your farm has become the diamond of Stardew Valley partly because of your wines. She can detest alcohol all her little heart wants, but she needs to understand that the two story + basement home and the life she now has is tied to the very thing she dislikes. Lil' miss white picket fence and perfect housewife life can't have her cake and eat it too.
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          Here's the thing...

          You aren't making cheep booze that Pam guzzles by the mason jar. If you're running things even remotely profitable, then you're making 2k+/bottle wine. We're talking high end wines here. And a full snobbish winery full of wine snobs (pardon, connoisseurs) who do NOT guzzle it like some drunkard, but sip at it, savoring the flavor, preferably with a wedge of the locally processed cheeses you also have available. Only the most wealthy would be able to go full-hog on this stuff, which Pam most certainly is NOT. If anything, it forces moderation through expense.

          Now, a Bierhaus... that I could see Penny having more of an objection for. The setup I had in my greenhouse produced 210 Pomegranites, 518 hops, and 30 ancient fruit per week. And I was processing them all as they were coming in. And I was aging the ancient wine in my cellar, having precisely 120 aging casks. So every other season, I would produce the 'aged blend' iridium-star quality wine, and between them I would produce normal quality ancient fruit wine. So I set up a shed as a Bierhaus, then another one on the other side of the property as a Winery. The snobs appreciated the exclusivity of the quantity of wine I was producing, a mere 120 bottles per season, and only every other season was it actually aged properly. Served in a homey countryside location with privacy hedges and cheeses available, as well as baguettes and seasonal organic comestibles such as strawberry, blueberry, or cranberry preserves. Occasionally, I'd also make a pressing of starfruit wine, which is always aged before offering, and always a stellar hit.

          Meanwhile, the Bierhaus, decked with kegs and mugs, had the taps flowing nonstop with our microbrewery's output of craft ales which are the talk of the community. There's always a rowdy crowd to be found enjoying themselves with mugs kept in freezers so they can keep their drinks cold without watering them down. And there seems to be an endless supply of ales, some two thousand plus seasonally. So drink up! There's plenty more where that came from!

          Needless to say, care must be taken to ensure that the two crowds do not accidentally intermingle or disturb one another. Separate entrances, you know. The Bierhaus is to the south of the farm, while the winery has public transportation access near the quaint little cottage.

          Penny wouldn't really object to a snobbish winery, especially not when she sees how much you are bringing in per month. And we just won't tell her about the Bierhaus, completely slipped our mind, now hasn't it?
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            Wow... are we playing the same game here? hahahaha
            Well written! :3
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