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RELEASED Pet Chickens 3.5

Today's your clucky day!

  1. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Omekk submitted a new mod:

    Pet Chickens - Today's your clucky day!

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  2. Zalexard

    Zalexard Subatomic Cosmonaut

    So, before I download and try this, I got to ask: this mod still has regular and robot chickens aside from ore ones? :p

    EDIT: Nvm mate, all it took was a look at the files and got my answer. Gonna try this now! Cheers! :D
  3. burningleos

    burningleos Cosmic Narwhal

    Chickens are my friends!
  4. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Basically, yeah! :p Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  5. Caudyr

    Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

    How about either making it so that the chickens lay eggs of their own types and have them hatch on their own...or...have a farm item that creates a 'chicken nest' when you place the unincubated egg on the ground, that allows for nest farms (where it just resets the growth stage when you pick up the egg, rather than pulling up the entire 'farm item') where you can essentially "grow" the eggs on your own? ^^
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  6. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    I like that idea, I am going in that direction actually. I have a whole plan for a breeding system and ways to breed new types of chickens, etc. :)
  7. Wulf_Oman

    Wulf_Oman Existential Complex

    i just stumbled upon the mod and seeing this it would be absolutely fantastic if you implemented that kinda system, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this!
  8. KateisLost

    KateisLost Cosmic Narwhal

    I love the idea of this mod!!!!! Farming Ranching is something I love to do in any game and it would make a great addition to the Starbound universe. I hope that maybe you might add more animals to the mod in the future? A rainbow of chickens, sheep, and cows on my home planet would be a great sight to see!
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  9. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Rainbow chicken is planned, I couldn't not do a rainbow one. I've considered cows, sheep would be awesome too! I have loads of ideas... I just haven't had much time since releasing the mod. I plan to update hopefully once or twice by this upcoming weekend with some neat stuff. :D
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  10. KateisLost

    KateisLost Cosmic Narwhal

    One of my favorite things to do in Minecraft was to dye the sheep in a wide range of colors, being able to do that in Starbound would be epic!

    Rainbow chicken!!!!!! would it be all colors at once? or would it flash through all the colors of the rainbow?

    So glad you have more ideas and plans for this mod! Can't wait to see them.
  11. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Quick update! (not an actual update, sadly) I should be updating the mod by this weekend... It's been a really busy week and I work pretty much every day, all day. Anyway, just a teaser of... Roosters!
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  12. KateisLost

    KateisLost Cosmic Narwhal

    Does this mean breeding chickens might soon be a thing!!???
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  13. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Sure will! At first it will just be for eggs and ores, however, I will eventually expand it to include many unique chickens.
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  14. KateisLost

    KateisLost Cosmic Narwhal

    Can not wait for more type of chickens!!!! and maybe more farm animals one day too?
  15. Febilian

    Febilian Cosmic Narwhal

    I like the idea behind this mod! I'll be keeping an eye on it. :D

    Chickens...! Hehe.
  16. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hey guys, no new update (yet) as I've been extremely exhausted by work and drama within my family (elderly parents, etc) but I have done a bit of work on the mod... new quest for getting eggs and now you can breed chickens in the chicken nest. Afterwards you take the eggs and incubate them to get the hatchable versions, etc. I will post this update soon, within a day or so.
  17. KateisLost

    KateisLost Cosmic Narwhal

    Sorry about the family drama, that sucks. Glad to hear you have some new stuff coming on the mod though.:) Breeding chickens!!!!! Awesome!!
  18. luna-tuna

    luna-tuna Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I was super excited when I found this mod, and wanted to try it out right away. For some reason when I started trying to hatch the eggs, after incubating, the hatching wasn't working for me. Now it seems to be working, though, and I didn't do anything differently...so I'm not certain why it was not working before. I am also excited to see the next update. Now if someone would just do something like this for fish....:)
  19. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Omekk updated Pet Chickens with a new update entry:


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  20. BurningX

    BurningX Master Chief

    Thought I'd pop in and say Hello to everyone. Im the person that has been helping Omekk with some of the art and hope everyone enjoys the mod :D
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