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RELEASED Pet Chickens 3.5

Today's your clucky day!

  1. luna-tuna

    luna-tuna Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I am having the same problem! The update just before this wouldn't let me use my old character, so I waited until this one came out, still had to get a new copy of my character, all my old chickens/everything is gone. So I went to start the quest over...and there is no option to get the quest, even from the scientist..... ..... ....
  2. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hey guys, I've done a little bit of testing on this and I can't seem to reproduce the issue. I've tried it both with a new character and a new custom race character and the quest is available for both. Try a new character to see if the quest is available, if it is... I would suggest opening your character with Starcheat to see if you might have an old version of the quest on the old character that might be causing an issue.. http://starcheat.org/ BACK UP YOUR CHARACTER FIRST, I'm not responsible for lost characters. Once you've loaded your character in StarCheat, go to Manage quests (the trophy) and see if you can find chickenquest1.gearup or any of the chickenquests, DELETE the quest if it's there and try again.
  3. luna-tuna

    luna-tuna Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Do you have to have finished other quests with the scientist before this works? Because otherwise it won't work with a new character either...
  4. luna-tuna

    luna-tuna Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I just figured it out! So for some reason when I unzip the folder, it puts the mod in another folder inside the one I specify. So after unzipping I take the folder out and place that in the mod folder. You probably explained that somewhere, but I usually just download the new ones and put them in the folder. Anyways, I got it to work. :) Yay!!! Chickens!!!!!
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  5. BlueLeafeon

    BlueLeafeon Cosmic Narwhal

    I really love this mod, and I absolutely adore the chickens. The second thing I do after making my base is make a chicken coop! However, I have run into a bit of a problem with gold feathers. They don't compress into gold bars at all--I stick a stack of 10 of 'em into the compressor and click the Compress button, but nothing happens. :(
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  6. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'll fix this soon, thanks!
  7. butterpaw

    butterpaw Void-Bound Voyager

    Sweet mod, Omekk!
    I love the chickens, just adorable little critters!! I am still just learning and have a couple of questions.. the answers are probably obvious to most but I need to ask .. so ..

    Editing and Answering Some of My Own Questions
    ( In case anyone else is as confused as I was.) xD:

    1. When I want to incubate the ore eggs, do I still put coal in the slot below the egg, or.. do I put the ore bar there instead?

    Answer: Neither - put the egg in the top slot and the appropriate piece of ore in the bottom slot.

    2. Can I do a stack of the same sort of eggs in one incubation?

    Answer : Yes - this can be done witth multiple eggs (of the same ore type) (e.g. 10 gold eggs - 10 pieces of gold ore in slot below), wait a while, the hatchable eggs will appear in the grid on the right as they become ready.

    About the rooster or roosters

    3. I seem to have only 1 rooster and don't seem to get any more . I think this is correct, and that more roosters may be found in chests, as a rare item, probably, so ... I'll be looking!!!

    Request for Omekk:

    Please, would you consider giviing net gun make a different sound? The bang! is quite startling and I think most of us associate it with killing (I sure do) - sooo, could it instead, go 'sloooop' or 'wooop' or 'wheee' or some other funny sound? ( yah, I know .. all this for free and they're still not satisfied??? xD )

    And Finally:
    Let me just say that since colonizing is about my favorite activity in Starbound, the dear little chickens will soon be settled in every colony I build!

    Yayyy, and .. THANK YOU OMEKK! - thank you, thank you! ^_^
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  8. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    I’ll do my best to get these requests worked into the mod, especially the change in sound for shooting the net gun! I was coming here to post and let everyone know that I'll be working on getting this updated for Glad Giraffe (as well as adding new features/content) starting tonight as I have some time finally. :)

    Just so everyone knows, I will never "abandon" this mod.
  9. butterpaw

    butterpaw Void-Bound Voyager

    so cool.. the chickens are proliferating.. My ship pet, Fang (or snakeywakey) wanted to badly to get in with the chickens I was worried, but actually she just wants to eat the regular eggs, and hang out with the chickens. lol you can't imagine the elaborate setup I made to keep her out of the ship's chicken pen .. but now I know it's ok,and I'm happily finding chickens on all new planets (well except the barely habitable) .. so they are now happily incorporated into my villages /towns ^_^ woot!
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  10. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    I’m so glad that you like the mod! It’s posts like these that really get me excited to do more work on it. :D Per Deekkru’s suggestion I will be adding real breeds of chickens once I finish up the ore chickens (I think I am only missing 3 tiers of ores?) as this was my plan from the beginning. @Deekkru, if you’d like to send me artwork for the chickens then that would save me a lot of time and I will give you credit for them, however, I am thinking that I will keep working on the mod solo for right now as I had another mod in the past hijacked and while I don’t think you would do something like that… It wasn’t the person that I gave permission to work on it the last time that caused the issue either… Stay tuned for some fun stuff! :)
  11. Hen

    Hen Big Damn Hero

    I want to test your mod in the unstable branch, but the quest system changed and so I can't give the monkey the 500 pixels.
  12. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Give this version a shot, I am testing and adding more content to the mod currently but this should work for Glad Giraffe, I've changed the quests now so that they come from an apex scientist and an avian refugee now as well.

    Pet Chickens 2.8 Test
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  13. Hen

    Hen Big Damn Hero

    Thank you, that was quick!

    Ok, the quest work. now I play a while with my most favourite pets.
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  14. Hen

    Hen Big Damn Hero

    Sorry, but only the first quest worked right. After paying 500 pixels, the second quest was instant solved and I got my rooster egg. But the third quest from the bird guy is impossible again.

    starbound.log showed this: Error: No quest template found for id 'chickenquest1.gearup'

    I hope, I don't annoy you, but I made a fix for your quests:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2ocpdw817061ns/Pet Chickens.zip?dl=0
    I don't know why, but for following quests the ' "requireTurnIn" : true ' doesn't work properly.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2015
  15. Hen

    Hen Big Damn Hero

    Finally the forum work again and so I can report, that my Chickens don't drop any feathers. Is there a condition I may miss?
  16. 3clips3

    3clips3 Orbital Explorer

    Hi, this mod seem's really cool. However ive run into a problem; I accepted the apex's quest at the outpost, but when i come back with the 500 pixels he requested, theres something glitched that causes him to not register i have it and thus i can't complete the quest. I tried abandoning the quest and reaccepting it, but he still won't acknowledge.
    Has anybody else encountered this problem/can anybody tell me how to fix this?
  17. Hen

    Hen Big Damn Hero

    EDIT. Sorry for complaining!
    The mod work like intended, but the things need now much more time. I guess its because Starbound became slower in general. at least in my case.

    3clips3, you can also try this:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2ocpdw817061ns/Pet Chickens.zip?dl=0
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2015
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  18. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thanks for that! I am getting back to work on this, I'll try and see why they aren't dropping feathers.
  19. Hen

    Hen Big Damn Hero

    They drop, but sometimes it takes time. In the behavior.Iua I found a timer, which says 300, so I guess you want to make them drop every 5 minutes, right? I tried a timer of 100 and the chickens literally pluck themselves ;)
    What I didn't found: Did the timer reset, when you leave the planet and teleport somewhere else? I also guess the timer lag, when the game lag and the game lag often since glad giraffe.
  20. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

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