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RELEASED Pet Chickens 3.5

Today's your clucky day!

  1. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

  2. nerdy birdy

    nerdy birdy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    ah, i accidentally ate my rooster egg ;; is there any way to spawn it back in??
  3. butterpaw

    butterpaw Void-Bound Voyager

    On the whole, the chickens mod works wonderfully! I really do enjoy them and am introducing them in my colonies as I build them.
    A note/question though, all the feathers compress perfectly, except the gold feathers - I just can't figure out why they won't give gold. At first I thought maybe I did not put in enough feathers, but 84 golden feathers and no gold - perhaps I'm making a mistake somewhere?
    Nevertheless, I'm really loving the chickens! I too have loved dying my sheep different colors in Minecraft, and the colorful chickens in Starbound are even more of a delight! The net gun is perfect now that it is quiet and doesn't go 'bang!' My chickens travel from planet to planet without stress .. they just snooze until I'm ready to place them in a nice safe environment and wake them up ^_^ Kudos to you Omekk![DOUBLEPOST=1451591393][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Ouch! that must have been upsetting! Sometimes silly things happen, don't they? Just a thought, I found that if you cancel the quest, you can get the quest again, and that should get you an chance for another rooster egg. Also, remember that you can find them in chests on various planets. The quest never seems to look quite completed to me, but I think its only purpose to to get you the rooster egg, so do try it again. ^_^
  4. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hey guys! I am working on an update for Cheerful Giraffe that you guys are going to LOVE! :) The PET portion of the chickens mod is going to get really exciting and I am really looking forward to adding some cool stuff. Also, I've fixed the golden feather issue mentioned by @butterpaw :) I'm uploading that now!

    Also, I am working on a way for the next update to make accidentally consuming your eggs and being kind of screwed a thing of the past. Should help a lot!
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  5. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

  6. earthwolf92

    earthwolf92 Space Spelunker

    how do i get the chicken egg to hatch? am i putting it and the coal in the wrong spot?
  7. butterpaw

    butterpaw Void-Bound Voyager

    [DOUBLEPOST=1451643917][/DOUBLEPOST]Aww .. aww tripped up by two letters ... I understand that coding is a very painstaking process, although it does appear to allow one to be enormously creative! Thank you for your creativity, good humor and enormous patience with the picky details Omekk! Three thumbs up... oh wait.. I've only got two .. so I'll just say: yer awwwwsum! (I do actually know how to spell that correctly :nuruwink: )[DOUBLEPOST=1451645873][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Perhaps I could help ...

    In the incubator, on the left, where there are two boxes, one above the other.. the upper box is for the fertile egg and the lower one is for the 'activator' .. all eggs for this process must be fertile, and the white fertile ones need a piece coal in the lower box. All the other fertile eggs of various colors each need a piece of ore that matches the color of the egg. For example, a fertile purple egg will need a piece of violium (purple ore) to cause the egg to become hatchable.

    To be precise, they do not hatch into chickens in the incubator, but instead the eggs change from fertile eggs to hatchable eggs and show up on the right-hand side of the incubator when they are ready. This makes it so you could easily carry them to another location to hatch (say, on a different planet). When you want the hatchable egg to hatch, you can place it on the ground and in a short while it will hatch into the chicken that matches the egg.

    Oh! and you may have noticed there are a LOT of boxes in the right side of the Incubator .. this is where the eggs show up when they have become hatchable. You can put more than one fertile egg (all of the same type/color) into the left-hand upper box and then put enough pieces of coal or the correct ore into the left-hand lower box. Then give it some time to work, and when they are ready you will find the hatchable eggs in the right-hand array of boxes.
    I hope this helps. ^_^
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2016
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  8. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thank you for the wonderful explanation, that was precisely how I would have put it. I am going to do a write-up with pictures and better explanations of all the processes later today! (finally) I hate that I have so little time to work on this lately but I try to do what I can here and there.
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  9. butterpaw

    butterpaw Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm glad you will be giving a write-up... and I think pictures help enormously! ^_^
  10. variablenonsense

    variablenonsense Phantasmal Quasar

    Ahh, I noticed on killing a chicken, my server gives off some kind of error about stunned not existing and the chicken, well, doesn't die. Not that it's a problem for me (it was only by accident I 'tried' in the first place) but is that intended?


    I'm going to assume not because it seems to prevent me from netting chickens, haha.
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  11. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    That's really odd, I can't seem to recreate it myself.. I can kill them just fine and also netting seems to work fine as well. Are you using Nightly? It might also be a conflict with another mod I suppose.
  12. variablenonsense

    variablenonsense Phantasmal Quasar

    Restarting the server made the chickens nettable, though not killable. I'm going to assume then that it's probably a conflict, since I'm on stable. o uo

    Excellent mod, I do love the chickens!
  13. johnp1238

    johnp1238 Void-Bound Voyager

    the eggs. they wont hatch.
  14. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

    you NEED to add the chicks ip
    i just litteraly ate my beatiful found in the ... 1 tier planet sci fi chest an violum egg?
    i mean that fiolet shiny one
  15. KatjaREDMedic

    KatjaREDMedic Tentacle Wrangler

    I love this.

    ...There anything I can do with the regular feathers? I know once my copper chickies start dropping I'll have an endless supply of ore, but at the moment I've got quite a few white feathers and I'm not sure what I can do with them, if anything, yet. Stuff pillows with 'em, make my character fancy chicken wings out of feathers...
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  16. Omekk

    Omekk Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'll be including stuff for the regular feathers with the SB 1.0 update, I'm looking forward to the big SB to update in the next few weeks. (They say they're just bug squashin' right now!)

    I am really excited about the pet tethers mainly! It's going to be awesome to put down a tether and then place your netted chickens inside so they may roam around and lay eggs/feathers for you without wandering too far from home! :D
    --- Post updated ---
    Hey everyone! It's that time! 1.0 has been pushed to unstable and I'll begin work on the update this weekend! :D Also, Starbound 1.0 comes out on my BDAY! :D
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  17. Celyia

    Celyia Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is awesome. Keeping my eyes peeled for where you take this. One can never have too many chickens. :)
  18. BlueLeafeon

    BlueLeafeon Cosmic Narwhal

    Starbound might have added its own chickens, but IMO they fail in comparison to yours.
  19. mocome

    mocome Void-Bound Voyager

    I love this mod, but it seems in the newest update it doesn't work anymore. I have it installed but I can't find any eggs or quests for eggs. Help please
  20. Wingzrooke

    Wingzrooke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I love this mod, but I can't seem to get it to work either now. I can't even get the first quest. Did it change locations? I seem to recall it was at the outpost, right? Has the mod been updated for the latest version of Starbound?

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