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Discussion in 'Pets/Horses' started by WildSpirits, Mar 3, 2016.

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    I'd love it if you could do a Turkish Angora (its a type of cat). I would prefer if you could make a white one? They're cute~
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      So, at the risk of sounding dumb: What's the red white and beige tricolor in the bottom-right most spot of the .png? And another, why is the cursors.xnb necessary for some pet replacement mods? Is there some feature that I'm missing? It seems most prevalent with horses, and I've yet to unlock them in play, so maybe that's why I don't know of why.
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        Can you add a beagle to the mod? My dog is a beagle and I would love to have a dog that looks like her in the game.
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          can someone help me unpack the dog.xnb file so i can edit it?
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            how can i download this?
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              Can you add Chihuahua to the list, please? I want my character to have the same dog I do in real life ^^
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                Also, how do you download this? Sorry ^^;
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                  Oh! Nevermind! Sorry.
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                    There is a link in the spoilers for each animal. I didn't see it at the time either.
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                      ***EDIT (6/10/17): Currently working on making an Airedale Terrier re sprite for myself. If anybody is interested in it I'll post it here when I'm finished :3***

                      Wow, these are really cool! I literally just made an account to check this out! Anyways, I looked through the list and saw a few folks mentioning pugs and such, but I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the Airedale Terrier! :( Here's a few reference pictures:




                      I have a 1½ year old Airedale named Jackson and I woukd absolutely LOVE to have him in my game! Thanks again and all of these are awesome! (Sorry if my post is super big, I'm still learning how to do stuff on forums D:)
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                      • ShadoFoxx

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                        Basically I followed these posts when I made my Airedale Terrier remesh:

                        Hope this helps! :)
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                        • mio36

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                          OMG PLEASE I WANT ONE OF MY BB
                          • ShadoFoxx

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                            I could try to make one :3
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                              Awww it's so pretty
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                                would you be able to replace the cat with a slime since your spouse will kill your pet slimes?
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                                  Thanks for the Siamese cat
                                  • PenguinWithAGun

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                                    Hiii! I was wondering if there is somebody here that would make a black cat recolor for me? We had to euthanize my cat a couple of weeks ago so he didn't have to suffer, and I can't stop thinking about him. Basically he was 13 months old and he was only supposed to live 4 months because he doesn't have a tail and he has a few other problems, but getting to the point, he had to wear diapers. I know it's kind of funny but he was a really sweet cat. All I want is a black cat with yellowy green eyes and a diaper. I know it's kind of a lot to ask but I've never posted anything on a forum in my life and I don't know if I should just ask here, or make a thread, or what. Sorry for the inconvenience but I just miss him so much.
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                                      I love the border collie! thank you so much :) I have (and love) a border collie, so as soon as I heard about this mod I had to come download it.

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