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RELEASED PipesPlus 1.22

Do cool stuff with pipes

  1. Gubldi

    Gubldi Big Damn Hero

    Is this project outdated? If i use the Interface, i got a game crash.
  2. VampERRus

    VampERRus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hello? Anyone there? I know I'm a bit late, but I am surprised to see absolutely no description of many things. I could never imagine how a block could be connected to an object, so it being "really simple" has never been simple for me. I also have a problem with Vacuum Cleaner as it doesn't wanna send items down the pipes. I tried making a line of vacuum pipes, item pipes, inputs and outputs (I hve no idea what they are for), basic pipes and nothing ever worked. How do I make the cleaner work? Same with the watering thingy. It's not so simple to figure out and I wish I could see some more description. Although, after 5 years I do not expect any reply. As of now, this mod is 2/5 due to the only working thing being the Chute, but I see no reason to use it as I can just open the containers manually. Also, the "Interface" item always crashes the game

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